7 Brides Who Went Dress Free And Kept It Fabulous

Now that it's June, you may notice that all your weekends are booked solid with fancy-schmancy bridal showers, drunken bachelorette parties, and plans for "I dos." It's pretty clear that we've hit peak wedding season, but now more than ever, folks are mixing it up and non traditional wedding attire is all the rage.

Regardless of your feelings about marriage, even the most stoic, jaded individual can get sucked into the romance of it all. From the stunning decor and elegant ensembles to the heartstrings-tugging vows and emotional personal touches, it's pretty easy to get choked up at weddings. And while every bride wants (and deserves) to feel fantastic on her special day, sometimes she doesn't want to say yes to a dress.

So much significance is placed on what a bride wears to her wedding; visions of antique lace, opulent beading, and gossamer tulle dance across a myriad of atlas-sized wedding-themed magazines. If the proliferation of TV shows that focus specifically on choosing a wedding gown is any indication, it seems to be one of the biggest decisions they'll ever make — even bigger than who they've picked as their future spouse. But not every woman has had poofy, princess-y dress dreams since she was a child; in fact, many hadn't even considered what they would wear before they got engaged.

(Not exactly what you had in mind for your special day?)

If wedding gown shopping has you feeling some type of way, then maybe it's time to consider some non-dress options. To provide you with some inspiration, I've crafted a list of seven special brides who did their big day their way — dress free! From jumpsuits to tuxedos, I salute these non-cookie-cutter brides who stayed true to their personal style and didn't bow to convention.

1. Try A Pristine White Tux

Match your Le Smoking-esque white tuxedo to your partner's equally sleek attire. The optically-appealing white-on-white-on-white look appears ultra-modern, but the classic silhouette gives it a timeless feel.

2. Personalize Your Suit

While style blogger Nicolette Mason looked fabulous in her custom-made Christian Siriano gown, Ali Talan's impeccably-tailored suit fit her personality perfectly. I love how she incorporated a pop of pink to reflect Mason's appreciation of the girly hue, but her best accessory is that overjoyed grin plastered across her face.

3. Go Semi-Semi-Formal

Let your favorite shirt and pants have a day in the limelight. You'll feel comfortable and confident, knowing that these classic pieces will still look good in photos 50 years from now.

4. Make It A Fashion-Forward Jumpsuit

Solange Knowles' jumpsuit was just perfect for the fashion-forward songstress. The attached cape gave the ensemble a regal touch and prevented it from appearing too disco diva-ish.

5. Look Smart In A Three-Piece Suit

A snazzy three-piece suit gives your wedding a slight vintage vibe, but keeping your look tie-free will prevent it from appearing too formal. Love the complementary boutonniere and pocket square action.

6. Keep It Super Casual

It was a cold and snowy day when Jess married her sweetheart at the courthouse, so warmth was her biggest concern when it came time to choosing what to wear. Her fuzzy earmuffs and gloves were perfect winter-approved accessories, and her combat boots kept her from getting cold feet on her happy day.

7. Unleash Your Inner Rocker Goddess

Singer Amy Douglas wanted her wedding day ensemble to reflect her too-cool-for-school rocker roots, and she totally nailed it. Her plush crushed velvet pantsuit and slinky printed silk blouse (plus that clearly ecstatic smile) have me feeling like she's about to give the best performance of her life.

Images: Getty; Wonderland/Flickr; Popculturepirate, Alitalan, Shortandsweetheart, Beyonce, Duchessclothier/Instagram; Jess Stratton, Amy Douglas/Facebook