New 'Pacific Rim' Trailer Is Tragically Low on Charlie Day Shots

Look, I love Idris Elba. Even when he's tweaking the nipples of a much smaller person. But after seeing the latest trailer for July 12's Pacific Rim, I'm still wondering: Where the hell is Charlie Day in this movie?

Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

Ever since Guillermo del Toro announced the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star would be appearing in his picture, fans of the bawdy FX comedy have been on high alert. Going the Distance bombed, Jennifer Aniston's breasts got more attention in Horrible Bosses, and we still must wait until the fall to see our dear Charlie on screens again. Please, del Toro — don't snub the Day man. Especially when he would be all you need to destroy an entire army of evil robots. You know, with karate and friendship.

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Image: Warner Bros