7 Questions 'Empire' Season 2 Needs To Answer About Lucious Lyon, Including, "What's The Deal With His Real Name?"

Lucious Lyon is one of the most polarizing characters on television. Some fans love him. Some fans hate him. Some fans love to hate him. No matter how you feel, everyone who watches Empire is captivated by Lucious Lyon, to say the least. The Lyon family patriarch may be a money hungry, power starved murderer, but he's (partially because of these things) extremely entertaining. Lucious always manages to keep life interesting. If it wasn't for him, the family would not have the good lives (and the serious problems) that they have. He really is the one who makes the show interesting.

Don't get me wrong, I love me some Cookie, but her ex-husband is the one whose antics contribute most to the story lines that move the show along. But following the Season 1 finale, I don't know what's going to happen to Lucious. Last season ended with the record label owner getting thrown in jail and exclaiming, "Game time, bitches" in the final scene. Needless to say, this definitely sets up Empire's second season for an interesting start.

Where does Lucious Lyon go from here? There are so many questions that Season 2 needs to answer when it comes to his fate.

1. How long is Lucious going to stay in jail?

I know it's awful to say considering the fact that he murdered someone, but I really want Lucious to get out of jail. But if he does stay behind bars, I'm sure he will still be able to pull some strings and run Empire. Plus, it really seemed like the police were relying on Vernon to have a case against Lucious, and since Rhonda killed him, I feel like Lucious won't stay in that cell for long.

2. Will Lucious and Cookie get back together?

These two are definitely the major love story of the show. I definitely want them to get back together, but I don't really see that happening right away since Cookie participated in Anika's hostile takeover of the company. And on top of that, she just found out that Lucious killed her cousin. And now he thinks that she was partly responsible for getting him locked up. Even with all this, I feel like there's always going to be some sexual tension between them.

3. Will Lucious and Anika get back together?

I never really bought the love between these two, but they were a good duo in other respects. They were such a power couple running the record label and she really had her heart set on being Mrs. Lucious Lyon. Then again, she orchestrated a hostile takeover of his company and she hooked up with his son, so... maybe it really is over for the two of them.

4. Are Lucious and Jamal allies now?

In the beginning of the first season, Lucious was really hard on his son Jamal because he's gay, so no one would have ever predicted that Lucious was going to hand over Empire to him. After this, Jamal really went to bat for Lucious by dangling Billy Beretti over the balcony to regain his father's song rights. They even performed a duet in the finale, and Jamal was heartbroken when he saw his dad getting dragged away.

5. Will Lucious have any kind of relationship with Andre and Hakeem?

Lucious used to run the label with Andre and he set Hakeem up to be a star performer, but they are done sucking up to their father. Both sons were pretty angry when Lucious gave the business to their brother Jamal, so they teamed up with Cookie and Anika for their takeover. With Lucious behind bars, do they have any reason to talk to him?

6. What is the significance of Lucious' real name?

In the Season 1 finale, Lucious revealed that his real name is Dwight Walker. I'm not sure why he revealed this, but there has to be a reason.

7. How is Lucious's health?

We found out that he did not actually have ALS, but he is still sick. It's unclear how severe his health condition actually is, but I wonder if this will have any baring on his time behind bars or when he's released. Or are the writers just going to let this story line fade away like his ALS?

Lucious Lyon is definitely a man of mystery, so it should be pretty interesting to see what Season 2 brings for him. I can't wait to see what happens next.