6 Things Lucious Lyon Fans Are Sick Of Hearing

Empire is my favorite show currently on television, so I am counting down the days until Season 2 starts. There hasn't been a scripted series that has grabbed my attention like this in a long time, and a big reason for this is the dynamic cast of characters. The writers did such a great job creating and developing them all, and I really love everyone. Yes, including Empire patriarch Lucious Lyon.

I know. I know. I am not supposed to say that. He's a greedy business man, a questionable father, and an actual murderer, so on some very obvious levels, I understand why a lot of people don't like him. But even with all that, I think that he is such an entertaining, and yes, endearing, character. For this reason, I am so over hearing people hate on him. Please give it a rest. Everyone who hates Lucious says the same things about him and I'm done with it.

I know I'm not the only who is sick of this either, so for all you fans of Empire but haters of Lucious out there, here are six things you should never say to a Lucious Lyon fan. Or else.

He's A Bad Father

If I were one of the Lyon children, I would not spend too much time picking out a Father's Day card for Lucious. He is far from father of the year material. I agree with that. Nevertheless, there is more to being a parent than the areas he has faults in. Lucious picks on his kids and pits them against each other, but it's because he wants them to push themselves to be the best they can be. Lucious is a workaholic, but this means that he has been a great financial provider. I'm not saying money is everything, but his family has a sense of security that allows them to pursue their dreams and feel safe in their daily lives. And when it comes down it, you can tell that Lucious cares about his kids.

He Didn't Love Anika

Haters say Lucious was "using" Anika for her contributions to the label, but that's not what I saw. In my eyes, he admired a woman for her negotiating abilities and keen business sense. Then there was that mess with her father. A very ill Lucious manipulated her dad, who is a doctor, into giving him a clean bill of health before he took his company public. This was obviously wrong, but I doubt that he was with Anika, knowing that years into the relationship he could someday use her father to forge medical records. Anika might not be on Cookie's level of a great love, but they had something special.... up until she slept with his youngest son, but that's another story.

He Used Cookie

I view Lucious and Cookie as one of those great love stories. On the surface, they're dysfunctional, but there is such a strong fire burning between them. But the haters have to bring logic into play. Cookie went to prison for Lucious and gave him the money to start his super successful record label, then Lucious moved on with Anika. He relies on Cookie's business savvy to sign and develop artists, and he pretty much always counts on her to get him out of trouble. He's not the most gracious guy, but I do think that deep down he appreciates everything she does for him.

He's A Murderer

So yeah, I can't really reason my way out of this one. Lucious Lyon did murder someone and it was shown on screen. I don't justify this at all and I'm not going to try and apply some twisted glass half full logic to this situation. It's possible to like watching the character and not approve of everything he's done.

He's All About The Record Label

Lucious is a great business man and is very focused on the growth of his record label, but he is not just hungry for money and power. Yes, he wants those things, but he is also trying to provide a secure lifestyle for himself and his family. Plus, this all started from his passion for music — that genuine interest is still there.

He's Evil

Lucious is not evil. He is manipulative, deceitful, money hungry, I can go on and on with the negative adjectives. But, Lucious Lyon is not evil. He is a hustler and a hard worker who does everything he can to achieve his goals. I don't always agree with his methods, but he is not an evil person. I think he is just very goal-oriented and doesn't know how to achieve them without acting like a mad man.

So yeah, Lucious Lyon is far from a saint. He is not "likable" in any conventional sense, but there is something good in everyone. You just need to look a little harder in this case to see an endearing man with some great one-liners and a genuine love for his family.

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