Will Donald Trump Be Replaced On 'Celebrity Apprentice'? These Celebrities Could Totally Take Over the Boardroom

No one can deliver the line, "You're fired," quite like a certain squinty-eyed real estate magnate with hair that, um, speaks for itself. But now that Donald Trump has announced his presidential run, someone might have to replace him as the dutiful deliverer of discourteous dismissals on Celebrity Apprentice. That depends on the outcome of NBC's re-evaluation of Trump's hosting role, which may or may not affect the roles of his children who are advisors on the show. If this presidential bid should leave a vacancy in reality TV’s most cutthroat, celebrity-filled boardroom, then who should succeed Trump as the next host of Celebrity Apprentice ?

Before naming potential candidates, there’s the matter of qualifications. Whoever takes over the position has to be a philanthropic business mogul with a larger-than-life personality. In addition to being well-known, it would help if this individual has a little bit controversy attached to his or her name, just to keep things interesting. It would also help if this potential host replacement is not Martha Stewart, although I’m pretty sure she’s not interested in the job.

Below is a list of potential candidates for the soon-to-be vacated Celebrity Apprentice hosting gig, along with their qualifications and special skills.

Ivanka Trump

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For obvious reasons, Trump would be a shoe-in to fill her father's shoes. Clearly, she's sharp enough to get the job done and, whenever I'm watching the show, I always look forward to her commentary. Special skills: I have a feeling she'll join her father on his campaign, but, honestly, she could probably do both jobs at the same time. Shade intended.



His music, fashion, and reality TV takes care of the professional requirements. The fact that he may or may not have punched Drake in the face covers the controversy aspect. Finally, Diddy has a knack for mercilessly firing people on TV. Special skills: He won't stop, 'cause he can't stop; invented the Diddy bop; makes Ciroq sound like the best drink on Earth.

Barbara Corcoran

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Like Trump, Corcoran is a self-made real estate titan. For the record, I totally think she can successfully lead her own school of fish outside the confines of the voracious Shark Tank. She may not be very controversial, but she is undeniably charming yet stern enough to wrangle a boardroom full of egocentric, bickering celebrities. Special skills: Personification of the word boss; possesses the gift of gab; assertive but not abrasive.



Because it is impossible to compile a list of moguls without throwing Oprah's name into the mix. I know she's busy with running her OWN empire, but she could totally make this work. Special skills: True ruler of the free world; waking up like this. In other words, she's Oprah.

A Past Winner Chosen By the Fans

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This is my favorite choice because it sort of puts the viewers at the head of the boardroom. Fans could cast their votes via social media, and the new host could be unveiled on the season premiere. Special skills: Out-scheming past Celebrity Apprentice contestants; surviving boardroom battles; collecting coins from celebrities in the name of charity; avoiding that embarrassing car ride home that's strictly reserved for losers.

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