'Big Brother' Season 17 Cast: Who's Most Likely To Win This Year? Let's Take A Look At The Contestants

Big Brother is back for another season of sociological experiments, manipulative gameplay, and secret alliances (which, contrary to how it sounds, makes for some great television). That means it's time yet again to meet a new batch of strangers plucked from different walks of life who are all competing to win the ultimate Big Brother prize. CBS revealed the Big Brother cast members for Season 17 on Tuesday, and it looks like there are quite a few solid competitors in this year's crop. Out of the new cast members, who seems poised to take home the gold?

Of course, this is not the easiest thing in the world to predict — the show is renowned for being an endless roller coaster of twists and turns, and this season is sure to be no different. Cast members can seem great on paper, have all the right strategies, and do all the right things, but somehow still end up packing their bags by week three. Nevertheless, it already seems like certain players are prepared to navigate the craziness that occurs on Big Brother, while others, based on their bios, come across as being a little too newbie-esque to be a major threat to anybody.

It may be too early to know anything for sure, but that doesn't mean I can't make lofty predictions in the meantime! Here is a ranking of Big Brother 's new batch of contestants, from least likely to win to most likely to win.

14. John McGuire

This guy sounds like... a lot: The bio released by CBS describes him as "loud, obnoxious, and never [running] out of energy." I'm not sure how far being socially grating will get you on Big Brother.

13. Clay Honeycutt

If you constantly have to tell people that you're smarter than they think you are, then there's a chance you might not be.

12. Audrey Middleton

Audrey definitely has her competitive face on. In her bio, she's already vowed to "get blood on her hands," and refused to be a passive player in the game. She sounds like one of those "I'm not here to make friends" people, which is fine... except that you do actually kind of need friends in order to win Big Brother.

11. Jace Agolli

Jace seems like a real nice guy. Unfortunately, that's not really a great quality to have if he's going to sail the sea of twists and treachery that is Big Brother.

10. Becky Burgess

Like Audrey, Becky has a self-proclaimed ruthless streak. Unlike Audrey, however, she has a girl-next-door vibe to her that makes her appear non-threatening. She'll likely be able to make alliances and backstab as she pleases.

9. Jason Roy

Jason seems to be coming into the game with a very specific strategy: he plans to immediately build an alliance with the women, and aim to get the strongest men kicked out of the house. This could go either way for him.

8. Austin Matelson, 30

Matelson is pro-wrestler who is described in his bio as "a flower child who does a yoga stance as opposed to beating down his opponent." Since the competitions often challenge both mind and body, that might be the perfect combination of traits for succeeding at Big Brother. Plus, he was raised with four siblings, so presumably he's experienced at navigating a crowded living situation.

7. Liz Nolan

Nolan seems pretty savvy. A "mainstay on the Miami nightlife circuit," Nolan graduated from university with honors, and comes across as self-aware and kind — without being too naïve.

6. James Huling

There's something immediately likable about James. He seems like a nice guy, but unlike Jace Agolli, he's got some pretty heavy life experience. Not only did he serve six years in the military, but he spent the first portion of his life in a group home after his mother died. Something tells me he'll probably be grounded and direct — two important qualities for the show.

5. Shelli Poole

Shelli ran into problems with her boyfriend when he mocked her for thinking she could get on Big Brother... so she broke up with him and got on Big Brother. That's a boss move, and I bet she's got a bunch more where those came from.

4. Meg Maley

Meg is going to be a major competitor. She seems socially capable, and is athletic to boot. She's also a server in NYC, a profession that trains you to study and respond to human behavior in a shrewdly analytical way while still coming across as affable.

3. Steve Moses

I wanted to rank him as least likely to win at first. Then, I studied his innocent looking face a little more, and I realized that that's what this so-called genius wants me to think. He's probably aiming for people to underestimate him, and I bet that strategy pays off.

2. Da'Vonne Rogers

Not only has she studied and practiced the show's competitions alone at home, but she's also a professional poker dealer. That means she knows how to study people for lying, strategizing, and keeping secrets (all of which is plentiful on Big Brother). Plus, she says she's doing it for her daughter, so you know she's here to win.

1. Vanessa Rousso

Da'Vonne Rogers might be a professional poker dealer, but Rousso is an actual player. In fact, she's ranked as the number two female player in the world for online and live tournaments, and she's won $4.5 million dollars of playing poker in the past 10 years. Even if she gets voted off, she'll probably end up winning CBS in a poker game.

Images: CBS (15)