8 Hilarious Donald Trump Instagram Photos That We Really, Really Hope Are Meant To Be Ironic

Yes, the moment we have all be waiting for has arrived. OK, maybe we weren't really waiting for it, but ready or not, multibillionaire and comb-over expert Donald Trump has arrived on the scene of the Republican contenders for president in 2016. The Donald announced Tuesday that his hat is in the ring, and we can only guess what sort of spectacles we will witness as his campaign unfolds. Trump is not media shy in any sense of the phrase, as evidenced by his already well-stocked Instagram account (he's been on the Gram for awhile, and has already racked up well over 200 posts). While Trump is a savvy businessman, it is tough to tell exactly how self-aware he is when executing his social media strategy. In fact, I am hoping that several of Donald Trump's Instagram photos are intended to be a little ironic or comically self-deprecating. Otherwise, I have concerns...

I actually think we should enjoy these photographic gems while we can, because something tells me Trump might end up taking a different tone on social media, if he wants to be respected and considered a legitimate candidate by his fellow politicians (can we call him a politician?) and American voters.

So, here are some of Trump's greatest Insta hits so far (and by greatest I mean I really, really hope he's at least kinda kidding).

How about a little vintage Trump to get the ball rolling? Here's the man himself with Jack Nicholson way back in the day. Gotta respect Trump for how he used to pull off the blue steel... or do we have to tell him to please for goodness sake drop this look you've been sporting since the 80s?!

And here we have Trump posing with Westminster Kennel Club award-winning pooch, Miss P. Clearly P is for precious, and Trump is trying to pull at our heartstrings by employing the very sneaky cute-pet-photo-op campaign ploy. Trump's kissy lips (there's something I never thought I'd think about...) say, "Hey, I'm cute!" But his arms say, "Dear god this animal is shedding all over my Versace." I'm on to you, buddy.

Excellent phallic structure in front of a million American flags. We get it, Donald.

Geez, Trump, tell us how you really felt about the Oscars. This is one of those instances where I have to believe that he knows the ridiculous air of his public persona sells and is entertaining. Or maybe I have to believe that because I just don't want to come right out and call him an... what's the word? Egomaniac? In general, his vlog is a little scary because he really likes to yell.

I genuinely cannot tell if this thing is photo-shopped. If it isn't, I want to know when, how, where, and WHY was this photo taken? This photo contains intrigue, and again forces us to wonder how self-aware the Donald is. This is clearly absurd.

Yes, very insightful, Mr. Trump. Thank you.

Okay, okay! We get it, we're fired!

Last but most certainly not least: Is this his campaign announcement speech or is he doing stand-up? I can't tell! (I told you he likes to yell...)

Images: Donald Trump/Instagram