Kanye West Falls Asleep At Disneyland & Inspires This Ode To Taking Naps At The Theme Park

It sounds like North West had herself a very merry fun -birthday: Monday, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian took their daughter to Disneyland. The occasion was, but of course, Nori's second birthday. The Kardashian-West trio was joined by Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Penelope Disick, Kylie Jenner, Tyga, and Tyga’s son, King. A number of ridiculously cute pics from North's Disney Adventure were shared via social media, but I saw my favorite pic from the day on TMZ: There is a photo of Kanye catching Zs during the Frozen sing-along show, and I’ve never felt more of a kinship with Yeezy.

First things first, no judgment. It’s one thing to nod off while watching a play in the real world (don’t do it, duh), but Disneyland is a different story. A day at Disney is exhausting: You wake up before the sun is up to be at the gates right when the park opens, you’re out in the sun for hours, you walk around a lot, you stand around a lot, you consume truckloads of sugar and sodium, et cetera. It’s the perfect recipe for an energy crash. You get cranky. Your feet begin to ache. You become a sleep-deprived monster who starts to resent the Happiest Place On Earth. It's bad news Country Bears Jamboree.

That's where The Disney Nap comes in. Big fan. Don’t knock falling asleep the second you plop down in a Captain EO theater seat or on an Enchanted Tiki Room bench until you’ve tried it. Taking a brief siesta in one of those air conditioned rooms can save the day. You sincerely do not mean any disrespect to the real people on the stage, the characters on the screen, or the animatronic birds hovering overhead, but your desire to be a good audience member is no match for your heavy eyelids. But do not fear The Disney Nap, for The Disney Nap is your friend.

This picture speaks to me on a very real level.

Uh oh. UH OH. I got a little carried away. Inspired by Ye's Frozen sing-along shuteye, I penned some "Let It Go" parody lyrics. It's my ode to The Disney Nap.

"Let Me Snore"

The faux snow on the Matterhorn shines in the sunlightThe Abominable Snowman lets out a screamHe lives in isolationMaking a friend is his only dream

I wish there was some wind while waiting for this rideCan’t stop sweating, my deodorant knows I triedDon’t let them choose the next ridePeter Pan’s Flight has an insanely long lineI’ll nod off while standing in that queue Hey, I know what to do!

Let me snore, let me snoreLet’s go watch a showLet me snore, let me snoreI’ll take 15-minute nap in a show

I don’t careIf I snore like Gepetto Let my sleep rage onThe Tiki Room birds never bothered me anyway

It’s funny how a few moments of shuteyeWill have me standing tallFor the rest of the day I only need a wink of sleep, that’s all

I’ll buy you a turkey leg or twoIf you let me do what I need to doDon’t nudge, don’t jostle, don’t wake me when I’m asleep

Let me snore, let me snoreI’m sorry to be “that guy”Let me snore, let me snoreBecause if I don’t, I just might cry

I can barely standSo let me sitLet my sleep rage on

My power will be recharged if I briefly power downMy soul will be as bright as the buildings in Toon TownAnd one thought will hit me like Dole Whip brain freeze:"The Disney day has been savedI’m so glad I took a nap!"

Let me snore, let me snoreI woke up at the break of dawnLet me snore, let me snoreAnd that cranky gal will be gone

Here I stand In the light of Main Street U.S.A.Let my sleep rage onThe Tiki Room birds never bothered me anyway

Image: coldneverbotheredme/tumblr