North Celebrates B-Day In True Kardashian Style

Did you go to work on Monday, June 15? Because you really shouldn't have. And no, not just because it was a Monday and Mondays blow. You shouldn't have gone because it was North West's birthday, and it really should be a national holiday at this point. (Hey, hate the Kardashians all you want, but you can't argue that we need more work holidays.) So, what did little Miss West do for her second birthday? Her celebration was actually something that many young kids can probably relate to. North West celebrated her birthday at Disneyland with her parents, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and a few other members of her family. Yep, pretty casual considering she's the heir to the Kardashian-West throne.

The event, which according to E! Online was dubbed "North's Disney Adventure," included some pretty awesome sounding activities. As an eyewitness told Us Weekly , "Kim was pointing out things to North as they walked by. Like, 'Look North! Duckies!'" Another source added, "Kim fed Nori a churro." While yet another insider explained, "Kanye, Kourtney, and Penelope shared chicken fingers as they walked through the park." Enthralling!

Judging by pictures taken of the family outing, it looks like things went exactly how you'd expect. Not just because they show a little girl having fun on rides with a painted face, but because every member of the fam stayed true to their roles: Kanye wore all black and looked bummed out. Kim promoted a product. North looked like the sassy little ball of amazingness that she is.

Need more proof? Here's how the Kardashian-West birthday trip went down.

Kim Wore Yeezy Boosts

I didn't even know there was a low version of Yeezy Boosts, but now I do because Kim Kardashian wore them to her kid's Disney b-day fiesta where there were paparazzi and lurking fans aplenty. That's synergy, baby.

Kanye Wore Yeezy Boosts


Kanye & Kim Wore All Black

Would you expect anything else? These two LOVE black and clearly don't mind matching.

North Got Her Face Painted Like This

It's not the first time.

Kylie & Kendall Jenner Wore Stylish Outfits

They can't not wear trendy outfits. The day I see Kylie Jenner in stonewash bootcut jeans, is the day I quit my job and move to Siberia.

North & Kim Were Adorable Together

And had high-fashion lace mouse ears rather than your usual Disney ones.

Penelope Disick Kept It Real

No fancy lace ears here, just a normal, Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Penelope Disick is a woman of the people.

Kanye Didn't Smile

I think we'll see those pearly whites come out though if a photo surfaces of Yeezus stopping for an ice cream cone.

I hope North West enjoyed her day! And I fully expect to be excused from work next year. Make it happen, Kimye.