Who Is Meg Maley On 'Big Brother 17'? This Houseguest Has The Right Attitude To Win The Game

The houseguest list for the seventeenth season of Big Brother has been released, so gear up for a summer of unexpectedness. One houseguest moving into the Big Brother house is Meg Maley, a server from New York City. Meg will be one of thirteen houseguests competing for $500,000 and the title of Big Brother winner. Does Meg have what it takes to win, or will she just be another houseguest who thinks she has the game figured out? We'll have to wait see, but until then, we can investigate what Meg is like IRL.

According to Meg's interview with CBS before entering the house, she is worried about being bored inside the Big Brother house. She attributes her home of New York City to being the reason why she needs excitement inside the Big Brother bubble. Her life motto is to always say "yes," which sounds positive, I think. Meg also says she swears by girl code. I'm thinking Meg is going to be one of the first women to try and form an all-female alliance, which I'm totally for. In addition, Meg also says she doesn't take herself too seriously, which is always good to have in the house. No one likes a Serious Sally.

So what should we know about Meg before Big Brother premieres on June 24?

She's A Server

According to her CBS profile, Meg is a server. It seems like that is a side job compared to her real passion which is a performer of some sort.

She's An On-Camera Personality

Meg also considers herself an "on-camera host" and technology correspondent.

You Can Watch Her Talk About Beer

Big Stache Design on YouTube

What can I say? The girl has personality. And confidence.

She's A Fan Of Reality TV

No word on if she is into Big Brother, which is a completely different game than The Bachelor.

She Had Knee Surgery Within The Last Year

It might seem weird to bring up, but Big Brother can get very physical at times. If Meg's knee is in tip top shape, then that's great, but hopefully any existing injuries won't prohibit her to stand on a log for 12 hours (because you know that's going to happen).

She Really Believes In "Always Yes"

Hopefully she won't always say "yes" to every alliance offered to her.

She Seems Fun

Most importantly, Meg seems like a lot of fun. She's definitely the type of person I would want to watch for 13 weeks. Hopefully she'll stay around for a while.

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Images: CBS