Good News For That Chris Pratt & J. Law Movie

You guys. I don’t even know where to begin. How can I even start to talk about the fact that all our comedy dreams are coming true? Maybe it’s because I haven’t had time to digest the news that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are officially in a movie together, or maybe because it’s not just any movie. That’s right: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are both signed on to star in Sony Picture’s interstellar love story, Passengers .

In other words, GUYS, IT'S A SPACE MOVIE.

And not just any space movie, either, but a romantic one! With a phenomenal sounding plot! Like, think: Wall-E, but with all of those other earthlings floating around all zombie-like in their chairs and drinking copious amounts of Slurpees, they're all cryogenically frozen until another habitable planet is discovered. SO MUCH YAAAS.

Let’s all celebrate this union before the glorious insanity that will be the press tour for this begins (think about it: both J. Law and Pratt are hilarious during press tours when they're apart, so how amazing will they be in one together?!), because I really can’t think of two more beloved people in Hollywood right now. Their collaboration is going to conquer its opening weekend, whenever that will be (the stars only recently signed on to the film, so there’s no release date as of yet), and this movie is going to be the most loved film of all time. Here’s why:

Everyone In The World Loves J. Law

Everyone who has ever felt even slightly awkward and uncool (i.e. ALL OF US) likely loves Lawrence for her honesty, her lack of shame, and her messages about self-acceptance. You can bet we will all follow her to the end of the earth and back. (Or to another planet, in this case.)

Now Everyone In The World Loves C. Pratt, Too

Every person who has ever felt even slightly endeared by the goofy funny guy (i.e. ALL OF US) is probably going to rush to the theater to watch him fall in love with their favorite girl next door. In outer space, no less!

They Will Make A Comedy Dream Team

With the way the two of them have been known to ad-lib and improvise in past projects, you can count on them having crazy comedic chemistry together. Anyone else want to be a fly on the wall of that sound stage?

They Allegedly Cost Sony Pictures A Fortune

Word on the street (aka, word from The Hollywood Reporter ) is that there may have been a little drama holding back Lawrence and Pratt from signing on to the movie: their paychecks. With Sony reportedly shelling out over 30 MILLION DOLLARS to have the two stars on board, you can bet your webpage space that they are going to market this movie all the way to the outermost galaxies.

They Have The Power Of Huge Franchises Behind Them

Mix one part Hunger Games fans with one part Jurassic World fans. What do you get? A theater-going experience where people are a little… well… fanatic.

It’s A Love Story Set In Outer Space

SAY NO MORE. SIGN ME UP! But, just in case you’re still not convinced, the plot goes something like this: on a ship set sail for some other planet, one passenger awakens from cryogenic sleep ninety years before he is supposed to. He then wakes up a female passenger, and the two of them fall in love. I am picturing Career Opportunities, but set in outer space, not a Target. HI, AMAZING MOVIE PLOT. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AND I WANT TO SEE YOU NOW.

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