7 Reasons 'OITNB's Bennett Will Be Missed

A moment of silence, please, for all of us who loved and will miss Orange is the New Black’s John Bennett. I mean, he’s not dead or anything, so it’s possible that his character will come back in the fourth season... but after watching him take off in response to intimidation from Yadriel — without so much as a word to his OTP Daya, who's carrying his child — there are plenty of signs pointing to Bennett being gone forever. Like, say, his whole back story about his time serving overseas, and how he ran when things got ugly. (Oh, and the fact that when he did the said "taking off," he also dropped Daya’s old crib on the side of the road before he left, because him leaving wasn't enough of a punch in the gut.) Yeah, that doesn’t bode well for a comeback, I’m afraid.

But, whether he comes back or not, I’ve been preparing myself for the worst: entire seasons without the one guard at Litchfield I actually liked. If you’re doing the same, or if you’re looking for ways to cope with the loss, this might help: I’ve been putting my grief down on paper, creating a list of things I’ll miss about Bennett. I mean, it's not everything, because there’s just too much to love about this man. But, it is slightly more constructive than watching GIFs of him dancing topless for hours at a time. (Not that I’ve been doing that for the past two days or anything.)

So, without further pause, please remove your hats, take a deep breath, and prepare to revisit all of the reasons all of us will miss Bennett. (Or, if this doesn’t help, you could try watching said GIFs of him dancing topless for hours at a time. It does help a little, I promise.)

1. That Gum Wrapper Engagement Ring Was The Sweetest

He's always so sweet to Daya (when he wasn't leaving, that is) and his proposal was no different.

2. He Gave The Show Even More Great Representation

Bennett is a recent war vet, and his character shows a more nuanced portrayal of a war veteran.

3. He Really Loves Daya

Despite the fact that he left, I do believe Bennett really loves Daya — like, this much. Maybe even more than she loves him?

4. He Owns Up To Things

Even though it took him a while to get there, eventually he told Caputo that Daya’s baby is his.

5. He Likes To Dance To "Hollaback Girl" By Gwen Stefani

Really, though. Now that we’ve seen the moves Bennett is capable of, I will miss them forever.

6. He’s Not Perfect

As adorable as Bennett is, he also throws other people under the bus and runs when things get difficult. But he’s human, so flaws are not only understandable — they're necessary.

7. He Respects The Inmates

He’s one of the few guards at Litchfield who doesn’t take advantage of them and exploit them. This shouldn't be a rare instance, but it sadly is — so the fact that Bennett is genuinely one of the good guys is significant.

Image: Netflix (2); Giphy (8)