What Did Mr. DiLaurentis Tell Ali & Jason On 'Pretty Little Liars'? He's Clearly Not Ready To Tell The Truth

Now we know how Alison learned to lie and manipulate so well — even if we still have no idea who Charles is. Tuesday night's "Songs of Experience" finally revealed what Jason remembers about Charles on Pretty Little Liars. But is memory, apparently, has got it all wrong. At the end of the episode, after Aria found a photo of Charles hidden in the DiLaurentis house, Ali and Jason confronted their father about the forgotten little boy in the photo. So, did Mr. DiLaurentis admit to lying? Probably not. Instead, "Songs of Experience" left us asking: What did Mr. DiLaurentis tell Ali and Jason on Pretty Little Liars ? And, if the promo for next Tuesday's episode is to be believed, Mr. DiLaurentis claims that Charles is dead on Pretty Little Liars? If lying were really a crime, Mr. D would be in jail before ALL of the Liars.

OK, first of all, what is Mr. D's deal? This family could not be sketchier if they tried and I'm starting to wonder whether or not Mrs. D or Mr. D did most of the lying. (I'm also starting to wonder whether or not Mr. D is actually A and he killed Charles — but that's a whole different story.) Clearly something incredibly shady went down in the DiLaurentis household and someone — whether it be Charles or someone out to avenge his "death" — is pissed off about it. But, if Ali and Jason are coming to their father and telling him that this Charles person is hurting them and their friends, wouldn't he just tell them the truth? I mean, in a world where he's a good parent, he'd probably want his kids to be as prepared as possible to deal with whatever hate this person might be harboring. If his track record is any indication, however, he probably just lied again.

So, what did he decide to tell his kids this time? Probably that Charles died an extremely tragic death that left Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis so devastated that they chose to erase his existence from all family records — including Jason's memory. And, if Ali believed him enough to share his reveal with the Liars, he obviously sold the story very well. It's a good thing I'm not a DiLaurentis child, because I'd have been calling BS all over this conversation. There's no way we can trust Mr. DiLaurentis' version of events and, unfortunately, if he refuses to tell the truth, we're no closer to finding out why Charles is so mad at everyone and the Liars are definitely no closer to "graduating."

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; degreeinsass/Tumblr