Get Rid Of High Heel Pain With This Simple Trick

Every fashionista has a love-hate relationship with high heels. They add height, make your legs look longer, and your butt look great, but most of all, they're really cute. Still, no matter how beautiful a high heels are, there comes the inevitable point at the end of the day when your feet just can't take it anymore. According to Who What Wear, shoe expert Meghan Cleary may change that with a trick to make high heels easier to walk in.

No one is immune to the pain that high heels bring, even Kim Kardashian. The internet is full of tips and tricks to make heels more comfortable, from taping your toes together to wearing mid-height shoes or ones with a thicker heel. Even Kate Middleton wears insoles to prevent high-heel pain.

Cleary, who's also the author of the book Shoe Are You? , claims her simple (and free!) trick can give you up to four extra hours of pain-free high heel time. So, here's what you have to do: first, run your feet under cool water. Dry them off, but not all the way. While your feet are still damp, lightly rub some hand lotion on them. Cleary claims the combination of water and lotion will lubricate your feet enough to prevent painful rubbing and blisters.

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This solution from Cleary seems like it's designed to help with tight, pointy shoes or ones with lots of straps that can cause blisters. Still, if the balls of your feet are especially susceptible to pain, insoles or gel foot pads are an inexpensive fix. While there's no doubt heels can be the finishing touch to a perfect outfit, pumps and stilettos are bad for your ankles and can cause injuries. The best way to wear them is to pick a pair you feel comfortable in — and stash a pair of flats in your bag!

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