Jon Snow's Fur Coat Was Epic But Here Are 20 Other Incredible 'Game Of Thrones' Fashion And Beauty Moments To Console Our Broken Hearts

After the heartbreaking season finale of Game of Thrones on Sunday night, basically everyone I know consulted Google in search of a small sign of hope hidden under the bloodied black feathers and leather. I spent the night on the computer as well, but I considered the task of finding my favorite Game of Thrones fashion and beauty moments to be much more important.

There are two reasons why I favored this year's fashion and beauty choices to other years. For one, we spent more time with characters that live in opulence, and one of my life goals is to be dressed in gold embroidery and fanned while eating grapes in Dorne. Don't get me wrong: Margaery Tyrell has worn some pretty epic stuff in the past, and I always loved Catelyn's no-nonsense, don't-eff-with-me-I'm-a-mom approach to Westeros fashion, but she was just a bit too practical/living mostly in military camps to be at the level of fabulous I require.

Secondly, this is the first year that I really, truly, understood what the hell was going on. When I first started watching the show, I couldn't keep anyone straight and had to make up names for the characters in my head in order to compartmentalize them properly: Khaleesi was Blonde Teen, Ned was Bedraggled Do-Gooder, Jon Snow was Hottie Hot Goth, and Khal Drogo was Rhubarb because I initially thought his name was Rodrigo and Rhubarb felt like an easier substitute. Now that I know who everyone is, how they relate to each other, and that Cersei has a name other than Incest Wine-Time, I can focus on their individual sartorial choices.

And, since we have to wait another YEAR to get any answers about our favorite sullen Crow, why undergo anymore torturous theorizing? Instead, let's just see how amazing our favorite characters looked this season and lose ourselves in the effed up pageantry of it all.

1. Margaery Tyrell's Beachy Waves

Sure, she might not be going to the beach any time soon and will instead rot away in a small prison cell controlled by religious extremists, but damn, girl: Those are some festival-ready beach waves. Must obtain King's Landing sea salt spray to recreate.

2. Sansa And Littlefinger's His-And-Her Capes

Their relationship was weird, and their interactions always made me uneasy, but I live for a matching couple's outfit — even if the "couple" in question makes me feel like I want to take a shower. Currently wondering how to broach the subject of matching capes with my boyfriend.

3. Ellaria Sand's "How Ellaria Got Her Groove Back" Haircut

Because this is how you cope with the fact that your deliciously sexy lover's head was basically popped like a water balloon right in front of your eyes. When I first saw this new 'do, Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out" started playing in my head.

4. Jaqen H'ghar's Very Important Brunching Cloak

He might wear it to introduce himself to future child assassins, but I would wear it with large sunglasses to a Sunday brunch somewhere in Manhattan, because in my wildest fantasies I am always completely covered in a cloak and sunglasses while eating eggs Benedict.

5. Sansa's Tragically Accurate Bolo Tie

Sansa's arc this season was hard for me to watch, but I loved some of her style decisions along the way. This necklace is slightly reminiscent of a noose, and I'd argue that it wasn't an accident. Shit has been beyond tough for your favorite redhead.

6. White Walker For Balmain

This little get-up is giving me all kinds of Olivier Rousteing life, and if this White Walker hadn't been shattered into a million small pieces, I wouldn't have been surprised if he lent it to Kim K when he was finished.

7. Arya's Cuffed Heidi Braids

I couldn't think of a better hairstyle for a young assassin in Braavos: It's adorned beautifully, it's completely unthreatening for easy trickery of targets, and it will stay out of the way while you poison people's cockles.

8. This Slave Trader's Jacket And Cuff Situation

I have two questions. One, is this Adebisi? And two, is this amazing jacket and cuff sold on ASOS? Because both of those scenarios feel likely to me.

9. Olenna Tyrell's Flying Nun Hat

At this point, I think it's safe to say that Olenna trusts no bitch. However, her hat keeps potential enemies thinking that she's simply a stylish and sassy old grandmother. In other words, she's got them right where she wants 'em.

10. Melissandre's Blood-Striped Gown

Melissandre, I'm going to need you to call Rihanna, because I truly hate how much I love you. This dress may be some kind of symbol for the fact that she now has Awesome Stoney-Faced Shireen Blood on her hands (ARGH), but it's pretty spectacular. She's amazing. I hate her. Let's be friends?

11.The Golden Mask Of Clegane 2.0 — Clegane With A Vengeance

I'm including this on the list because A: I love gold. And B: I for SURE do NOT want to see the rest of what's going on under there.

12. Dany's Silver Dragon Collar

It's hard to catch a glimpse of it, but at the same time as the Harpies show up, so does Dany's amazing dragon collar. One side of it sort of looks like flames, and the other side is a dragon's head. I'm very here for it, and would like to encourage anyone who sells these on Etsy to contact me immediately.


This one is also amazing, although I would argue it's more of a chest plate. Currently wondering if it would look good with chambray.

14. Sansa's White Fur Wedding Capelet

I wanted to barf during every single ugly moment of this wedding and the scene afterward, but I also couldn't get this capelet out of my mind. Somehow, I feel like this is the last time that Sansa will ever go for a lighter color — that is, if her style of dress is any indication of what her soul might look like at this point.

15. Walda Bolton's Plus Size Leather Harness

There aren't a lot of plus size women in Westeros — and thank god for that, because everyone is kind of a dick about it. However, Walda Bolton repped for the big girls and made me smile with her hunter green dress and her amazing leather cross-body harness. I just wish the X-shape didn't call back to the Bolton's terrifying sigil.

16. The Masks of the Faceless Men, Which Are Totes Versatile

Honestly, who wouldn't want to have the option of just slipping another face on every once in awhile? Would use these for covering pimples and also playing tricks on boyfriend and dog.

17. Jamie's Dornish Get-Up

I am here for you, Prince Ali Fabulous He Ali Ababwa. I am especially feeling that mustard cummerbund situation, and would potentially like a dress in this print.

18. Marcella's Travel Outfit

This is basically what I wear on planes. Also, it's the perfect travel outfit to transition from the warm shores of Dorne to the cold clutches of death, amirite?

19. Meereen Squad Going Up On A Tuesday

Despite the fact that all of these characters are faced with a bafflingly chaotic situation, they've all somehow managed to bring it, fashion-wise. Runners up go to Tyrion, who looks even more handsome outside of King's Landing, and Dany, who may have stole that outfit from Lupita. Grand prize goes to Missandei, who is basically the ethereal crop-topped Naathi BFF of all of our dreams.

20. Cersei's Game-Changing Pixie Cut

I give a tremendous amount of credit to Lena Headey for doing the absolute most when it comes to this role. I knew what was going to happen to Cersei, and in the episodes leading up to her final walk of shame, I was actually excited for it. She's just so nasty, you know? But when I saw Headey's performance, all of my anti-Cersei barriers broke down and I was left feeling completely devastated for her. I'm sorry, Cersei. Could I make up for it by telling you that your new haircut is filling me with the light of a thousand Sienna Millers?

21. Our Final (?) Viewing Of Hottie Hot Goth & The Lack Of Technicolor Dreamcoat

Jon's black fur coat has become synonymous with his complex personality: It's dark and brooding, but you somehow still want to cuddle it. When he was killed in the final moments of the last show, he wasn't wearing it (how they could let that man die in basically a leather top and diaper is beyond me), so the coat is probably sitting in his Broody Thinking Room Of Sadness. I like to think that if the coat survives, so does he. If not, please ship to my house immediately, and do not launder beforehand. It's all I have left.

Images: HBO (21)