Who Is Sara Sampaio? Harry Styles' Rumored Girlfriend Is More Than Just A Victoria's Secret Model

Harry Styles is a pretty notorious ladies man, and why shouldn't he be? He's young, he's handsome, he's got millions of dollars and endless options — of course he's going to play the field a bit. He's had relationships with everyone from Taylor Swift to Kendall Jenner, and his latest alleged girlfriend is no slouch, either. According to Entertainment Tonight, Styles has been hooking up with Victoria's Secret model Sara Sampaio, who is so beautiful it will burn your retinas. The pair were linked after Sampaio allegedly stayed the night at Styles' New York City hotel room, and they were photographed hugging while leaving the next morning. Sounds pretty steamy!

Whether or not Styles and Sampaio are actually an item or not, it's worth noting that Sampaio has her own successful career, meaning a lengthy and serious relationship with Styles might be a bit difficult to develop at all, let alone maintain. And while most know her from her Victoria's Secret modeling, she has more to her than looking great in lingerie (though admittedly, she does look amazing). To give you a better idea of Styles' potential new love interest, here are a few things you should know about her.

She Became Famous After Winning The Cabelos Pantene Contest In 2007

At only 16 years old, Sampaio won a Pantene modeling contest in her native Portugal, which led to her being signed by a modeling agency and started her ascension in the industry. I think we can all agree that 16 is young to do ANYTHING, let alone join such a cut-throat profession, but Sampaio seems to have handled it really well.

She's Won Portugal's Golden Globe For Best Female Model For Years

In Portugal, the Golden Globes are a bit different than in American in that they have a Best Female Model category. Sampaio's won the title four times, in 2010, 2011, 2014, and 2015. Pretty impressive, right?

She's The Girl From Those Axe Body Spray Commercials

sarasampaiosite on YouTube

Axe is a super popular brand, so scooping a commercial for the body spray back in 2012 was a pretty good gig for Sampaio, and served as her introduction to American audiences. I don't think anyone's complaining, right?

She Plays The Violin

Sampaio isn't just beautiful, she's talented, too! When not in front of the camera, she's musically inclined and plays the violin. I bet she's pretty good at it, too! Maybe she can play on the next One Direction album? I kid! (No, but seriously.)

She Only Became A Victoria's Secret Angel In 2015

While Sampaio has been walking in Victoria's Secret shows since 2013, it was only this year that she officially got her wings. Something tells me she'll be on their roster for a long time to come, too.

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