16 Songs To Listen To When You're Just OVER IT, Because Every Bad Day Deserves A Playlist

Adulting...amirite? I mean, it's got its perks. You can go to bed whenever you want. You can live on Taco Bell if that's what you're into (and why wouldn't you be?). And, best of all, nobody gets to tell you what to do. Well, except for, you know, your boss, your student loan provider, and your dentist. But when adulting goes bad, it tends to go really bad. And even though you can't get a life do-over on a bad day, you can turn to music. Much like other major events in life such as getting ready for a big night, going through a breakup, or finding the perfect playlist to accompany your hipster self to your hipster flea market, music is ALWAYS a necessity. When you've had a bad day, sometimes finding the right music can be tough.

Is the song too happy? Nope, not good enough. Is it whiny? Not going to cut it. Sometimes you just need what you need, you know? Even if you don't have the emotional stamina to think of what it is you need at the moment. Luckily for you, I'm here and have curated my go-to songs for the ultimate bad day. So if you're completely OVER IT, let this playlist take you through the emotional stages of adulting gone wrong. From letting the anger flow to showing some gratitude at the end, there's something here for every step of your pity party.

1. Let Your Anger Feels Flow

LimpBizkitVEVO on YouTube

Because you can. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone how much you like this song.

2. And Flow...

halo239 on YouTube

Because seriously. Preach on it.

3. And Flow Some More...

coolmusicable on YouTube

Except maybe take it down a notch.

5. Have a Good Cry

Larry Palais on YouTube

Because you have the best ugly cry face. And don't give any worry about the snot. All of it. Everywhere. It happens.

6. Wallow — You're Allowed

foreverLayla on YouTube

Because even I feel sorry for you. Being a human is rough stuff sometimes.

7. Shake It Out

FlorenceMachineVEVO on YouTube

8. And Then Shake it Off...

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

9. Handle Your Scandal

emimusic on YouTube

Because it's probably a good time to squeeze into your big girl panties and reflect.

10. Contemplate Big Changes

IRISHIRISH999 on YouTube

Because if not now, then when? I recommend a good action plan. Preferably with spreadsheets.

11. Vow to Get Your S@#t Together

addalittlebit on YouTube

Because sometimes it's OK if by "together" you mean "intoxicated."

12. And Never Give Up

Kate1157 on YouTube

Because adult pre-school is not an option.

13. Take Back Your Day

aliciakeysVEVO on YouTube

Because other people don't get to make you feel crappy. Forget it. Take them off the roll call.

14. Pad Your Self-Esteem

PinkVEVO on YouTube

Because you are a magnificent unicorn and everyone (who matters) knows it.

15. Brush Your Teeth With A Bottle Of Jack

keshaVEVO on YouTube

Because sometimes the best self-improvement work you can do is booty work.

16. Show Some Gratitude

Alanis Morissette on YouTube

Because it's not okay to let a bad day make you forget that you actually have a great life. Congratulations. You've come full-circle.

Bonus Track: Your '90s throwback, sponsored by my stuffed animal collection. You're welcome.

Cherish G on YouTube