Miley Auctions Off Her Caitlyn Jenner Artwork

by Jaclyn Anglis

She's just being Miley! And this time, it's hard not to love her for it. The pop star unveiled The Caitlyn Collection, her artwork inspired by Jenner's Vanity Fair cover, at the amFAR Inspiration Gala New York on June 16. The "Wrecking Ball" performer turned more than a few heads in the process with her wild outfit and podium antics. And it looks like it paid off — literally. Miley Cyrus auctioned off her Caitlyn Jenner artwork for $69,000 in donations to the AIDS research organization.

Following Cyrus' public display of support for Jenner through her art on Instagram earlier this month, the pop star upped the ante by giving away the colorful, bedazzled designs for a good cause. Dressed in a red heart-patterned dress and sporting some impressive armpit hair, the singer took to the stage at the auction to push people to donate more. "My left boob is bigger than the right — I'll show you!" she said at the mic. "What about $69,000? I'll clean your house … naked!" And sure enough, the pieces sold. On a monetary level, this sell is undeniably a huge win for AIDS research. And it is also a big win for raising awareness. Because let's face it, whenever Miley Cyrus does literally anything, you can't look away. And this time, that's a very good thing.

Say what you will about her wardrobe choices and wild-child antics, but you can not deny that she has the ability to get people to pay attention to important issues happening in marginalized communities. And, of course, to get people to take action, as she did with this auction. When she was honored with the organization's Inspiration Award, she took some time to be serious and speak about the larger issues that the organization is fighting, as well as recognize the good work that has already been done. She said,

There are so many people around the world that deserve this recognition. They've dedicated their lives to finding a cure for those living with HIV and AIDS, and they've used their voices to speak out against the brutal and unfair condemnation and the abominable stigma that comes with this disease. And by receiving this award tonight, I promise to continue to fight along … for a cure for this epidemic.

This is not the first time Cyrus has shown steadfast dedication to a worthy cause. After all, she's started her own advocacy group, The Happy Hippie Foundation, which aims to help homeless and LGBTQ youth. She also recently partnered with Instagram to inspire users who identify anywhere in the gender spectrum with the hashtag #InstaPride. So it is safe to say that her latest role in activism will not be her last. Kudos to her!