Miley Jazzes Up Caitlyn Jenner's Magazine Cover

by Nicole Pomarico

In case you didn't already know, Miley Cyrus is a bit of an artist. Her "Dirty Hippie" collection debuted at Jeremy Scott's NYFW show in 2014, and while she generally sticks to sculptures made out of brightly colored, unusual materials, her latest project is a little bit different. As she revealed on Instagram, Cyrus turned Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover into art, and although the end result does look like someone attacked it with the force of Lisa Frank, it's obviously just Cyrus' way of showing her support to Jenner.

In Cyrus' versions of the cover, Jenner is dressed up with neon paint, sparkles, and even painted on body art featuring clouds, the sun, and flowers. It's basically exactly what you'd expect if you handed Cyrus a paintbrush and a copy of the magazine, and although it's definitely the most unusual reaction that has come from Jenner's cover, I think it's kind of endearing. Is the 22-year-old trying to use her art to symbolize the fact that Jenner finally feels free to live out loud and be who she wants to be, or am I the only one getting that? It's totally possible that there's a deeper meaning intended here.

It's sweet of Cyrus to lend her support like this — and it does look like she had fun doing it.

Earlier this week, the singer shared another, simpler version of Jenner's cover, which featured her with neon pink hair and polka dots. Cyrus' vibe is a little bit kindergarten art class, but I like it. She's obviously having a good time, and if someone is having fun supporting someone else, I'm all for it.

It makes sense that she would want to celebrate Jenner becoming more and more comfortable with herself now that she's officially started her own foundation to help homeless and LGBT youth — and Cyrus tagged her organization in the photos of her latest masterpieces. The Happy Hippie Twitter account has also retweeted a lot of articles about Jenner and shown support for the trans community in recent days, so it seems like this art has been cooking up in Cyrus' mind for awhile.

If she wants to open up another art exhibit, this one of her Jenner Vanity Fair cover work, she should go for it. Women supporting other women is the best.