Genius Hacks for Organizing Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are a sacred place. This is where you have those deep, meaningful shower revelations. Even if figuring out how to organize your bathroom is impossible, it's still the place where you spend hundreds of hours of your life contouring and lip-lining away. Where you have learned to perfect the age-old craft of selfie-taking, thanks to your mirror — and killer cheekbones. So why not make it the most zen (read: social-media worthy) room in your home? We're talking labeled hair product bins and clean make up brushes — AKA music to any beauty obsessive's ears.

The first step to a clear mind is a clear bathroom — or maybe I made that saying up. But hey, it sounds pretty spot on to us! Keeping your bathroom in prime organizational condition not only makes your mornings more stress-free, but it also gives you the opportunity to get a little crafty. It's time to put those burgeoning Pinterest skills to use and bedazzle everything in sight! Just kidding. Please don't do that. Do, however, use things you already own to save some money and create some space. Because simple math tells us: more space equals more make up, and more make up equals more happiness all around. See, there's really no downside to stepping up your bathroom organizational skills if you ask us.

1. Know When Your Products Expire

It's tragic, but it happens. If you're a #producthoarder like myself, who still finds glitter eyeliner from seventh grade at the bottom of your make up bag, it's time for a major purge. Just like food, all make up goes bad eventually. Don't wait for your foundation to try up or turn chunky before you toss it, there could be some serious bacteria hiding in what looks like a perfectly fine bottle. Learn the shelf life of your every day products (I couldn't believe mascara should only be used for 2 to 3 months) and toss what you don't need.

2. Get Creative With Your Wall Space

For most twenty-somethings, with a few roommates and their live-in boyfriends hanging around, bathroom space is limited. Really cash in on the vertical space you have by putting up wall storage. Whether that be a few extra shelves for towels or some cute hanging mason jars for your toothbrushes, the craftier you get the more products you can fit. And who doesn't want more products?

3. Use Silverware Trays To Store Things

Divide up your toothbrush, combs, eyeliner, whatever really into the different sections of a silverware organizer. It only takes a few minutes, and makes any drawer twenty times easier to navigate!

4. Group Your Products By How Frequently You Use Them

There's nothing more annoying than searching through a pile of hot pink and dark plum lipsticks, in search of that one matte pink you wear every single day. Save yourself some time and serious headaches by arranging your products according to what you use all time. Put your daily collection of hair and face products at the front of your make up cabinet, and leave the lesser used products (like that 24 karat milk face cleanser your grandma gave you) towards the back. Now's the time to play favorites!

5. Finally Remember Where Your Bobby Pins Are

Counting how many bobby pins you've lost over the years is as useless as counting the number of times the Meninist account said something horrifying. It's probably impossible to count that high. Keep track of your hair pins once and for all by putting up a magnetic strip and storing them all in one place. Never again will you go through an entire packet of bobby pins in an afternoon.

6. Use A Wine Rack to Store Towels

Sure, it feels a little odd to see anything but massive bottles of merlot in your wine rack, but this is in the name of bathroom organization. This crafty concept is perfect if you don't have a closet for towels, and also want to dress up a dull bathroom wall a little bit.

7. Everything Looks Cuter in Glass Jars

These are just the facts of life. Throw anything into a mason jar and it is guaranteed cuteness. Gather your bars of soap, Q-tips, cotton balls, or anything really and store it in any clean glass container (cleaned-out candle jars are especially adorable) and have a very easy, very chic storage piece.

Images: Hey Paul Studios, Rodney/Flickr