5 Must-Have Emergency Items For An Outdoor Wedding, Because You Can Never Be Too Prepared

That beautiful outdoor June wedding seemed like a great idea when you were planning it in January. Now summer is here, and it's been a muggy month of rain and bugs. While you can't control the weather, you can offset the havoc it causes with these emergency items for outdoor weddings. Whether you've planned a snowy soiree or beach bash, we have you covered with these five must-have items. In general, if you're having an outdoor wedding, you simply must have a plan B that is just as solid as your plan A, the Knot reminds us. This means making sure your vendors can easily adjust to a location change, that your decor can be moved, or that you can adjust to weather changes. Talk to your wedding planner about having tents on standby, because it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Of course, it's impossible to plan every single detail according to your dream wedding board on Pinterest. As much as you plan, there are some things that will end up a little differently — that's the case for anything in life, even a wedding. But, hey, being prepared for the worst case scenario is always smart in my book, especially if you're planning an outdoor wedding. Having a list of emergency items to keep everyone comfortable and happy will only make you more relaxed on your big day, and that's the real goal after all.

1. Flip Flops

If you're having any kind of outdoor summer wedding, some cheap flip flops are great to have on hand. Stores like Old Navy often have deals that won't break your budget. You don't want your guests' heels sinking into the sand or mud. At the very least, flip flops are great for the dance floor later! Brides.com also suggests having Grasswalkers on hand, but in my experience, they haven't worked well. Nevertheless, your bridesmaids may want them in order to keep their heels on for the ceremony.

2. Outdoor Pest Remedies

Outdoor weddings mean you get all of the great outdoors...mosquitoes, pollen, and all. Ideally, you'll be able to spray the venue for bugs two weeks in advance and again on the morning of the wedding. If you can't spray the venue, be sure to burn some citronella candles and have Benadryl, unscented bug spray (seriously, avoid DEET so your guests don't smell awful), and itch relief pens on hand (and even if you do spray the venue, it's never a bad idea to be prepared). I also like to have Aloe Vera in my wedding-day arsenal. It can be used for sunburns and to take the sting out of a bug bite, along with a host of other uses. And if you're getting married somewhere truly tropical, ask your venue or wedding planner about draping mosquito nets.

3. Humidity Repellents

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You thought you'd be safe getting married outdoors in April, didn't you? Yet summer decided to strike early, and all the sudden your April 25 date is way, way too hot. No one wants frizzy hair or melting makeup. Hopefully, your makeup artist is prepared for this, but it doesn't hurt to have blotting sheets and setting spray (I'm obsessed with this one by Urban Decay for hot days), as well as hair savers like anti-frizz serum and anti-humidity hairspray. Stock your venue's bathrooms with these items, too—your guests will thank you! If you aren't getting your hair blown out and only styling it, here are some tips you can use to banish frizz before your hair stylist even starts her work.

4. Wraps or Shawls

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That evening ceremony has the potential to get chilly, and the same goes for outdoor receptions (even those in a tent). Having some inexpensive wraps available for the ladies is a great idea to help take the edge off. If you're truly concerned about cold weather, not just some cool breezes, have your wedding planner coordinate some outdoor heaters for guests to gather around. Tent heaters are typically only about $250 to rent, and they'll be well worth it if your late September wedding turns cold.

5. Umbrellas

Just think of all the adorable wedding pictures you can get!

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