‘OITNB’ Star Laura Prepon Is Living Her Best Life Outside Of Litchfield & Her Instagram Proves It — PHOTOS

Laura Prepon first came into our lives in the late '90s, when she played Donna on That '70s Show . These days, we know her better as Alex Vause, the mouthy mess (in the best way) that also happens to be Piper's ex-girlfriend and fellow inmate on Orange Is The New Black . It's great to see her back on our laptop screens again, as she's always been totally captivating to watch for me and she's a pretty great actress. But while OITNB may take up a large portion of her time, anyone who follows Prepon on Instagram knows that her life seems pretty amazing even outside of Litchfield, and I, for one, am totally jealous at all the cool stuff she gets to do.

Obviously, most celebs get to do cool stuff that us layman can only sit back and be in wonder of nonstop, but Prepon's interests seem particularly awesome and run the gamut of experiences like directing to horseback riding and everything in between. She still posts a lot of OITNB goodies for those who are fans of the show, but she also gives a peek into what she does with the rest of her time, both professionally and personally. Get ready to be amazed.

She Meets Her Fellow Celebrities

You know you've reached the pinnacle of fame when you get to take a pic with Martha Stewart, of all people. You get to meet all kinds of people in Hollywood, especially when you're doing the talk show circuit. Awesome perk to the job, eh?

She Finds Turtles In Her Back Yard

Animals are awesome, and living in LA means finding some strange creatures in your back yard, from time to time. Prepon found a turtle and did what we all did: she took a picture with it.

She Goes Horseback Riding In Montana

Not only does Prepon get to go horseback riding, she also gets to herd cattle! Talk about living your best life!

She Directs Movies

When you're used to being in front of the camera, it must be an amazing experience to get behind it and act as director. Prepon is probably great at directing, since she knows what it's like to be on the other side of the process.

She Spends Time With Family

Nothing like taking some down time away from the industry altogether and spending some QT with the people who mean the most, right?

She Gets Her Makeup Done

Who among us hasn't wished for our own personal makeup artist from time to time? Wouldn't life be so much easier and much more glamorous? Ugh, I'm so jealous.

She Cooks Healthy, Delicious Meals

I always felt like if I was famous, I'd totally pay for a personal chef. But I do really love cooking, so I'd probably be sad not to get in the kitchen. Prepon clearly gets her cooking time in, and I bet she makes some amazing meals.

She Makes Time For Spirituality

Staying in touch with yourself and your spirituality is important for all of us, but I imagine it is even more of a priority when you're constantly stretched so thin as an actress. Prepon makes time for it, though, and good for her.

Image: Getty Images