Bill Hader Annotates Failed 'SNL' Justin Bieber Sketch, Proves How Talented He Is

Next time you sit through the most painfully unfunny "Scared Straight" sketch on Saturday Night Live, wait before you scoff. Bill Hader and SNL writers Rob Klein and John Solomon annotated a disastrous dress rehearsal sketch featuring Justin Bieber, and it's not only much funnier than the sketch itself, but damn impressive.

The late night sketch comedy series often gets a bad rap — every Saturday night, fans take to Twitter to bemoan each episode's lack of quality writing. SNL was so much better in the early '90s, we say, blissfully unaware that those watching the Chris Farley years spent their days yearning for the SNL of the '70s. Because it's easy to forget that every episode of SNL features duds — that's the fun of watching a live sketch comedy show. For every Matt Foley, we had a Pat, and for every Stefon, we have, well, whatever the hell happened to Hader in this sketch.

But the biggest takeaway watching Hader, Klein, and Solomon's annotation is the cast's dedication. It took only seconds for the former SNL star to realize the sketch wouldn't rebound, but damned if Hader didn't continue to try to save it.

And, for the record: Anything involving Steve Harvey is hilarious.