How To Fold A T-Shirt In One Perfect Gif, So You Can Become A Laundry Wizard — VIDEO

You've been folding your shirts wrong. Sorry you had to find out this way, but I know you can get over it and quickly prepare for us to bring you to the light, because we now know the best way to fold a t-shirt. And you've been doing it wrong. Laundry days are about to become less daunting, your clothes will no longer pile up on your bed in a hot mess of dryer sheets. DIY solutions for wearing dirty clothes (if those exist) are about to become redundant. Apparently, you can fold your t-shirt by crumpling it up with the exact right flair, using the pinch fold method.

The last 20 laundry-doing-years of my life have been a lie. (Okay, full disclosure: I've probably only been doing laundry for about 8 years. But I'd like those 8 years of folding back, universe.) If it takes me 15 minutes to fold laundry, and I (optimistically) fold laundry once a week, then I spend about 780 minutes every year doing laundry. That's 13 hours/year.

Which means in 8 years, I've spent 104 hours folding laundry. That is 4.3 DAYS. I WANT THOSE 4.3 DAYS OF MY LIFE BACK. If you've wasted over 100 hours of your life folding too, then please enjoy watching this GIF solve all your problems:

The pinch fold technique


Here's the full video with 3 revolutionary shirt folding methods:

Handimania on YouTube

And if you'd want to go full Harry Potter on your laundry, they've got a solution for that:

The ~magic~ fold


Ughh yes, magic and laundry. Talk dirty to me.

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