Celebrate 'The Astronaut Wives Club' Premiere With A 'Moonwalk' Cocktail — Because It's Always A Good Time For Spacemen And Champagne

If you're a fan of space and all things retro, you won't want to miss the premiere of The Astronaut Wives Club, the latest series from Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage —the minds who brought you Gossip Girl and The O.C. Based on Lily Koppel's bestselling novel of the same name. The show follows the women behind America's first space explorers in the late 1950s and airs tonight (June 18) on ABC at 8 p.m. ET. It goes without saying that your astro-themed premiere party wouldn't be complete without a festive, space-themed drink. Lucky for you, our own lifestyle guru Jenna Wexler is mixing up a cocktail guaranteed to get all your guests totally turnt.

Rather than go for an Old Fashioned or a Planter's Punch (such obvious throwback beverage choices), we've opted to make a Moonwalk. Contrary to what you may be thinking, this cocktail has nothing to do with Michael Jackson's inimitable dance moves. It's a wonderful blend of grapefruit juice, sparkling wine, and a few other scrumptious things. According to Saveur, this is the first thing that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin drank after returning from the moon. Joe Gilmore, bartender at the Savoy Hotel, reportedly dreamt this elixir up to celebrate the Apollo 11 mission. If space explorers craved this while adrift in the last frontier, it's gotta be great.

So without further ado, here's how you make a Moonwalk. Prepare to blast off!

What You'll Need

  • 1 ounce fresh grapefruit juice
  • Champagne or Prosecco
  • 1 ounce Grand Marnier (or similar orange liqueur)
  • A few dashes of rose water
  • Ice
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Champagne flutes

1. Fill Your Shaker

Fill your cocktail shaker with ice, then add grapefruit juice, rose water, and Grand Marnier.

2. Shake It Up

3. Pour Your Mixture Into A Flute

4. Top It Off With Champagne

5. Serve!

Now, don't you feel classy?

Images: Bianca Consunji