How To Stream 'True Detective' Season 2 Online So You Can Start Solving This Summer's Mystery

If you're anything like me, you're probably running low on material for True Detective jokes. So here's some good news: True Detective Season 2 is here! Will there be crazy insane symbolism again that I start seeing everywhere, even in my every day life? Could anything ever live up to the Yellow King motif? Who knows! HBO is being very tight-lipped about the upcoming season starring Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn, and Taylor Kitsch, but I'm confident that it will delight and confuse us just as much as Rust and Hart's season. But now the big question: how can you stream True Detective Season 2?

Let's be honest, HBO is expensive. But then again, paying for HBO means that you get all of its amazing shows like True Detective, along with Game of Thrones, Girls, Veep, and Silicon Valley. It's the price we pay for quality entertainment. Still, you might be hesitant to dish out for a subscription, especially if you're already paying through the roof for cable.

Thankfully, there's a magical little thing called HBO Now which gives you all the access to HBO's content, without needing a specific cable package. We are living in the future, you guys, and it is marvelous. Plus, this isn't the only option for catching True Detective. Here are the best ways to watch the new season:

Purchase HBO Now

You should. The first month is FREE. So that means you can get in at least four or five episodes of True Detective before you start being actually charged to watch them. After the first month, it's $14.99 a month, which is still pretty cheap, considering that you have access to all of HBO's content and that includes past shows. (Do you want to re-watch all of Sex and the City? Of course you do).

Politely Ask Your Dad If You Can Borrow His HBO Go Login

I think it's a requirement that all parents have a subscription to HBO, even if they aren't watching it (or can't figure out what channel it's on). Just tell mom and pop that you're doing research for a school paper/work, so you need to borrow the access for a weekend. They'll never realize you're still signed into it a year later.

Beg A Friend To Give You Their HBO Now Password

Shout out to all my dear friends who have begged ME for MY password. If I'm feeling generous, I'll hand it out. But if your friends are anything like me, they'll change the password the following week to lock you out. HBO is a privilege, not a right.

Insist On A Viewing Party

If your friends are real sticklers for lending out their coveted passwords, how about a viewing party? Offer to order in pizza and bring drinks in exchange for watching True Detective at their place every single week.

Hope And Pray For A Free HBO Weekend

Sometimes, HBO does this magical thing and partners with the cable companies to provide a free weekend of the channel. Guess what? This weekend is one of those weekends if you have Dish, Verizon FIOS, the AT&T U-Verse, or a few other cable providers (here's a complete list of participating companies). This means that you'll be able to access HBO without getting an annoying error message saying you need to purchase the channel. Go forth and watch everything you can this weekend, and that includes the Season 2 premiere of True Detective.

Images: Lacey Terrell/HBO; Giphy (5)