15 Shows To Watch With Your Dad For The Ultimate Father's Day Marathon

One of my favorite things to do with my dad when I visit my hometown is watch TV shows and movies together. We'll scour streaming websites like Hulu and Netflix, and I'll basically force him to watch shows I love and will eventually convince him to enjoy too. It's little moments like this that make me really appreciate my father, because sometimes the more subtle acts of love and happiness can be the most memorable. So after all of the epic Father's Day celebrations are over, try a new tradition this year: marathoning a series together.

But be warned, you need to choose your series carefully — watching your favorite shows with your parents can come with risks. For example, I would never be caught dead watching Game Of Thrones with my dad, because I just couldn't handle the awkwardness that ensues whenever HBO shows an R-rated scene. Parks and Recreation, on the other hand, is a fantastic show that the whole family can appreciate without any worry. So here are 15 TV shows to enjoy with your dad, that will let you spend some fun, low-key time together and maybe even bond in a whole new way:

1. Mad Men

Mad Men offers a great balance as a show that fathers and children (of the right age) can appreciate. It's just dark enough for a great drama, it has interesting family dynamics, and very complex father figures.

2. Cheers

A show your dad probably already loves, which means you need to learn to appreciate it too.

3. Friday Night Lights

Clear eyes, full hearts, and five seasons of one of TV's best dads that you're bound to finish in no time.

4. Breaking Bad

For the dad that likes complicated, dysfunctional, anti-hero TV shows.

5. Parenthood

Every dad should watch Adam Braverman and Joel Graham for #dadgoals. Also, Coach!

6. Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld's comedy appeals to most dads, and people, that I know.

7. Sherlock

My notoriously picky dad even liked this series enough to marathon the first season, which means others will probably follow suit.

8. Law & Order (Any Of Them)

Crime procedurals are pretty much every dad's bread and butter.

9. Parks and Recreation

Who doesn't appreciate this hilarious, adorable, poignant comedy of a group of co-workers who became family?

10. The Walking Dead

Because who better to keep you company during the scary parts than your dad?

11. The West Wing

It's basically one of the most perfect dad shows of all time.

12. House Of Cards

For the dads who appreciate a little darkness.

13. Modern Family

Duh, guys, with a show that features Al Bundy, one of the greatest modern TV dads, as well as Phil Dunphy, and the wonderful combination of Mitchell and Cameron, what dad wouldn't want to marathon Modern Family?

14. The Simpsons

The quintessential animated comedy for parents and kids to enjoy in different ways.

15. Bob's Burgers

If you can get your dad to watch Bob's Burgers, congratulations. Your dad has amazing taste in television and deserves an extra Father's Day gift.

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