What Your Favorite TV Dad Says About Your Own Father-Daughter Relationship

There are always people out there who underestimate the value of television. They scoff at your obsession and reprimand you for getting too emotional because it's "just a TV show." But in actuality, the shows you watch and the characters you love can say a lot about the type of person you really are. It even helps to shape us and the relationships around us. Take your favorite TV dad, for instance. Whichever patriarch has wormed his way into your heart tells quite a bit about the relationship you have with your own father, even though you may not realize it.

Sure, there may be times when dear old dad makes you feel all sorts of angry and frustrated. (It is a parent's right, after all.) However, when you see those beloved on-screen fathers work their magic, you can't help but feel all that pent up aggravation melt away and remember why your own father-daughter bond is so special. But as for which TV dad does the trick for you — well that's something only you can know for sure. So in honor of Father's Day, I've taken the liberty of compiling some of television's most iconic patriarchs, along with a few brief descriptions of what loving them most says about you. Enjoy!

Danny Tanner — Full House

You, like your dad, are all about the family bonding experience and have spent countless weekends indulging in father-daughter bonding sessions. You call each other at least twice a day just to check in and can't understand why some of your friends think that's kinda sorta weird. You may not have had a conventional childhood upbringing, but it could not have been more filled with love.

Rogelio De La Vega — Jane The Virgin

Sure, you enjoy talking about yourself perhaps a little bit more than others, but hey, that's only because you're a pretty spectacular person. Just ask your father, who also exudes confidence and charisma in everything he does. What can you say? You simply have great genes. You're also probably an only child.

Adam Braverman — Parenthood

There isn't a more responsible duo out there than the two of you. You grew up with a strong sense of both right and wrong and hate the idea of ever disappointing your parents. Your dad is your role model in all aspects of life. And while he taught you the importance of working hard, he also taught you how to play hard as well. Dance "fever" sessions were a common source of activity in your household and you loved every minute of it.

Ron Swanson — Parks & Recreation

You know better than anyone how outside appearances can be misleading. Much like Ron Swanson, your dad can come across as an intimidating dude, but inside that grumpy looking demeanor lies the heart of a big old teddy bear, who would do anything for you. He's also great at scaring away old exes for you, which is a great and very useful bonus.

Sandy Cohen — The O.C.

No one is more understanding that your dad. You could always go talk to him about anything and everything, no matter how dire the situation, and he always found a way of making you feel better. You rarely fight, but when you do, you're able to talk through it rather than hold a grudge or ignore it ever happened. Not many people are lucky enough to consider their dad to be one of their best friends, but you are. Treasure it, my friend.

Richard Gilmore — Gilmore Girls

You're not all that close and communication has never been either of your strong suits, but that doesn't mean there still isn't an unbreakable bond buried deep underneath the constant drama that always seems to put a strain on your relationship. You're both equally stubborn and strong-willed, but if anyone messes with either of you, you're there for each other in the blink of an eye. Because even though your love is complicated, it's also unconditional.

Phil Dunphy — Modern Family

No one has more fun than the two of you. No one.

Walter White — Breaking Bad

You may not have been held enough as a child. *backs away slowly*

So get out there and start celebrating those fathers of yours. They certainly deserve it.

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