Aaron Paul Chooses Hulu's 'The Way' As Latest Post-'Breaking Bad' TV Role & It's Perfect For Him

I have good news for all of you Jesse Pinkman lovers: Aaron Paul has joined Hulu's new series The Way , and man, am I STOKED. Because when I think about all of the things that I miss about Paul's last series, Breaking Bad , I think about Walt, sure, and Skyler, who was the real hero of that show if you ask me. I think about Hank and Marie. I think about Saul, for sure, and even sometimes about Mike (then I watch Better Call Saul and remember the good times). But mostly, when I think about that show, I think about Jesse, and then my heart melts into the consistency of butter that has been left out too long. Paul, with his flawless portrayal of the troubled Jesse, was one of the biggest reasons for this — so the idea that he could be back with another show that isn't just featuring his voice (like Netflix's BoJack Horseman) is a great one. I love BoJack Horseman as much as the next gal, but I gotta say: I miss that face.

If by some chance he makes you feel the same way, I am sure you were just as delighted by the news as I was. So, here's more info: Aaron Paul has signed on to play Eddie Cleary, the male lead in Hulu’s new series The Way. And just in case you’re worried that Paul is going to take his amazing acting chops and try out a role that is very un-Jesse-like, rest assured that this part sounds like a perfect follow up to playing Pinkman on Breaking Bad: Cleary is described as a supportive husband and member of The Way, a controversial faith-based religious movement. When he comes back from a retreat, he is tormented by what happened while he was away. And although his wife thinks he is having an affair, he is really sneaking off to meet a mystery someone who claims to know “the truth” about his religious organization. He does his best to keep up appearances, but the secret starts to shake his faith and tear him apart.

I mean, really: ROUND OF APPLAUSE for this casting and role, because I can’t think of a more perfect part for him to play. I just can’t. Why? Because:

1. Playing Tormented Is Something He Does Really Well


Jesse Pinkman was always a little too close to the edge, and Paul played that perfectly. Taking on the role of a devoutly religious man with a secret will definitely give viewers Pinkman vibes.

2. Eddie Cleary Has A Secret


Who is this unnamed person and what is the truth about The Way? And, if Eddie finds out, will he keep it from his wife and his followers? You know that’s going to eat him alive, kind of like every single act of violence did Jesse Pinkman.

3. His Character Is Probably Going To Fall Apart


One of the best things about Breaking Bad was how the characters became worse as the show went on. I know not everyone liked that, but I did. Probably because I’m a huge sadist, and I love a good fall from grace. So sue me.

4. Eddie Cleary Is A Good Man


At least that is what I can tell from the description: supportive husband, strong faith, doesn’t cheat on his wife, etc., etc. That’s kinda like Jesse Pinkman. No matter how many drug deals he participated in, or how many people he killed, he was always a good person underneath. (YES I REALIZE HOW INSANE THAT SOUNDS.)

5. This Character Loves His Wife


If Jesse Pinkman deserves anything in life it is a loving partner who maybe isn’t a junkie and maybe isn’t trying to steal his money (sorry, Jane). If he has to find that vicariously through another character entirely SO BE IT.

6. All Of The Sermons His Character Participates In


Let’s be real: I would join any religious movement Paul was the leader of. I would probably leave my family, alienate my friends, and pay good money just to get even close to him.

7. It's A Lead Role


Paul deserves this time to shine. I only hope Eddie Cleary doesn’t end up as broken as Jesse Pinkman was by the end of the show, because my heart won't be able to take it.

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