Skyler White's Headed Back to Television

We wrote a few months back about Fox's plan to import British crime drama Broadchurchwhile retaining star David Tennant but this time with an American accent. Well the excitement continues! Broadchurch (now Gracepoint ) has cast Anna Gunn as Tennant's co-star, and well now we're damn excited. Skyler White's headed back to television, and this time she probably won't have a Machiavellian drug kingpin for a husband! Here's how Deadline describes her character:

[Gunn will play] Det. Ellie Miller, a wife and mother who was passed over for a promised promotion in favor of an outsider, Carver, but her disappointment quickly fades in light of tragedy.

Gunn, of course, won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress this year due to her absolutely jaw-dropping performance in Breaking Bad, so we have no lack of faith that she will continue to be awesome here, even though we are still skeptical as to this plan to import a British show under a different name and different but with the same dude in the lead plan that Fox seems intent on.

But Anna Gunn!

Also Jackie Weaver, who was recently cast in the show as well. She will play "Susan Wright, a glowering, mysterious woman who is new to town."

Glowering. That is a good word.