7 Reasons To Wear Bandelettes This Summer Because They're Revolutionizing Chub Rub Solutions

Although the Solstice might only be officially happening on June 21, it's been feeling like summer in most of the country for a while now, which means it's the opportune time to . After the brutal winter we had, the warmer temps and shining sun are definitely welcome, but their lame side effects — frizz beyond control, skin-peeling sunburn, and sweat in areas you didn't know you had — are not. Another big annoyance that tends to get exacerbated in steamier months is thigh chafing, also known as "chub rub."

It's the number one nemesis of anyone with thick thighs, and it can occur regardless of whether your legs are rock hard muscle, soft squishy fat, or any mix of the two — all you need is two thighs that touch when you walk — and it's even worse once you add in sweat and subtract pants. Since most of us don't want our legs to overheat in a denim prison, shapewear can make you swelter in summer, and hibernating indoors until it's fall just isn't a viable option, what do you do if you don't want to suffer this summer?

, $18,

I know that some swear by Astroglide or deodorant smeared on the inside of their thighs (which can potentially cause a smelly, sticky mess), and others are screaming at the screen, "You can take my shapewear when you pry it from my cold, dead hands," but I promise you, Bandelettes are a miraculous product worth your $18. Here's why I just can't stop telling people about them:

1. You Can Match Them To Your Outfit

Since are available in an array of shades, you can pick a pair to complement your outfit. Health Goth? Try black microfiber. Vintage Vixen? Pick up sultry black lace. Game of Thrones Red Priestess? They've got a flaming hot option for you, too.

2. They're Actually Sexy

Typically no one is thrilled to have their bland shapewear showing, but Bandelettes give you an option that won't remind you of the infamous underwear scene. Just like the rush you get when you slip on your favorite sexy underthings, Bandelettes' lacy construction makes them practical and provocative.

, $3,

3. They Won't Smush Your Organs

Although there might be occasions where you'd want to feel like a waist-training phenom, all that shapewear compression can really do a number on your organs. Since Bandelettes gently wrap around your thighs, you won't be left with any nasty indentations at the end of a long day either.

4. They Have Unisex Options Because Everyone Has Thighs

Anyone can potentially be #blessed with thick thighs, which is why the sleek microfiber option can be a great pick for those who aren't into lace. Whether you wear them while you work out in shorts or under your favorite frock is up to you.

5. You Can Layer Them With Shorts

If your thighs touch below where your shorts end, slip on some Bandelettes before you pull on your shorts for an added layer of protection (and style). People will think that your favorite shorts grew a lacy hem, but surprise, it's actually Bandelettes!

6. They're So Light You'll Forget You Have Them On

Shapewear has a habit of constantly reminding you that you're wearing it, thanks to the constant spandex "hug" you experience all day. But since are crafted from airy lace, they're breathable, soft, and so light you'll quickly forget they're on.

7. Set 'Em & Forget 'Em

Seriously, this is no joke. I've worn them while walking around New York City for an entire day (8+ hours), and didn't adjust them once. If you're not used to wearing a dress or skirt without shapewear it might initially feel really odd when you strut outside without your trusty SPANX, but as long as you measured correctly, they won't shift all day.

Images: Liz Black (2), /Instagram (6)