Lana Del Rey Lyric Or Emily Dickinson Poem? (Note, This Question Is More Difficult Than It Sounds)

It's a question as old as time... Lana Del Rey lyric or Emily Dickinson poem? I mean. Erm. OK. Maybe it’s not. Especially since Emily Dickinson died, like, a century ago, and Del Rey has risen to the top of the charts only in the past few years. Still, though, stay with me here — I promise there's a method behind my mometary madness. Contrary to what you might thing, the two creatives do have some things in common — like a taste for nature imagery in their works, and strong lines about wanting more freedom. IT'S SOMETHING. Plus, I personally always listen to music that I love and think about how the lyrics stack up against all of the poets and authors I learned in high school literature. Contrary to what you might think, the results are often pretty surprising.

Take Del Rey's lyrics, for example: When you analyse her songs alongside Dickinson’s poems, there are some surprising similarities in their subject matter, tone, and even writing style.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the lines below, put your poetic prowess/Del Ray fandom to the test, and just see if you can tell the difference. I think you’ll be surprised at just how difficult it is.

Question #1


“Funny I don't feel free.”

Question #2


“Bring me the sunset in a cup.”

Question #3


“Earth would have been too much.”

Question #4


“Oh, my soul rise up and go beyond.”

Question #5


“Box of broken laces, lined up in an order.”

Question #6


“You have a right to live your life like no one else.”

Question #7


“If recollecting were forgetting, then I remember.”

Question #8


“The wind tapped like a tired man.”

Question #9


“We're like fire and water, we're like the wind and sea.”

So...How Do You Think You Did?


Ready For The Results?


Here We Go!


The Answers:

1. Lana Del Rey 2. Emily Dickinson3. Emily Dickinson4. Lana Del Rey5. Lana Del Rey6. Lana Del Rey7. Emily Dickinson8. Emily Dickinson9. Lana Del Rey

So, yeah, basically what I'm saying is, Lana Del Rey needs to release a book of poetry STAT.

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