Lana Del Rey's Lyrics About Cities Will Make Your Next Trip Around The Globe Seem Mysterious & A Little Depressing

As a singer, songwriter, and all around beautiful human being, Lana Del Rey has one of the most unique writing voices in the music industry. Love her or hate her, you can't deny that her lyrics come from the heart and bring listeners into her world. Judging by Lana Del Rey's songs about cities, various ones throughout the planet, however, it would seem that her world is a little different than everyone else's.

As she says herself in "Young and Beautiful," Del Rey has seen the world, done it all, and had her cake, too; apparently, she's had a very specific experience of each place she's been. In fact, it seems like she's had a torrid love affair in every major city in the western hemisphere. Whether she singing about Paris or Los Angeles, each location seems to have brought her various shades of heartache, inspiration, and involvement in criminal activities.

So what is the world like, exactly, according to Del Rey? Here are seven cities that the pop singer has seen and described through Lana-Del-Rey-colored glasses. The plus side is that, if the music business ever starts not working out for her, she has a wonderful career ahead of her as the saddest travel agent ever.

Las Vegas

Vegas comes up a few times in her body of work, but "Off to the Races" really paints a sordid picture. Chaotic, crime-ridden, and titillating, Del Rey seems to have had a rough time in the city of lights. Fortunately, her old man doesn't mind her "Las Vegas past," which I'm guessing means he's a crime lord of some sort.


LanaDelReyVEVO on YouTube

LDR didn't seem to make it much further than Greenpoint when she visited Brooklyn, where everyone is supposedly singing Lou Reed songs all day with feathers in their hair. How exactly do you "get down" to beat poetry?

Los Angeles

L.A. is a "paradise" — a magical land where the sun is always just about to set and the entire city is one big beach.


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Things sure have changed since the Fresh Prince was around. Gone are the whimsical butlers and homes resembling the White House; apparently they've been replaced with gargoyles, palm trees, and "grenadine sunshine." Honestly, it sounds terrifying.

St. Tropez

If you want free drinks and a non-stop party, then St. Tropez is the place for you. Apparently, the only people who live there are rich bachelors throwing crazy shindigs, and the only thing to drink is champagne.


Lana Del Rey ITALIA on YouTube

You might not have realized this, but Paris is a super secret city that nobody knows about, way off the beaten path. It's actually a fantasy land that only exists in our imaginations, and you have to walk through a wardrobe to get there. Don't tell anybody... it's just for you, me, and Lana Del Rey to know about.

The Entire West Coast

LanaDelReyVEVO on YouTube

According to Del Rey, they have a little saying over on the West Coast — "If you're not drinking, then you're not playing." That may sound like a lot of fun, sure, but it also sounds like everyone has a drinking problem they're not dealing with. As a former West Coast resident, I can assure you that you can, on occasion, have fun without alcohol.