What's The 'Southern Charm' Cast Up To? Let's Hope They're Gearing Up For Season 3

How I've survived the past few weeks without Southern Charm in my life is really a miracle. Season 2 ended not long ago, and I could technically watch reruns of the series on my DVR, but is it too much to want a Southern Charm Season 3, instead? There's no new news on the Bravo horizon regarding a Season 3, but if all is right in this world, we'll get one. Until then, fans will have to rely on social media to catch up with their favorite Southern Charm stars.

So what has been happening since that very dramatic and amazing reunion in the Bravo Clubhouse? To refresh: We still don't know what happened to the golf cart on Jekyll Island, Thomas' legal woes were still questionable, and Thomas and Kathryn might get back together. It was truly B-A-N-A-N-A-S. And because Season 3 is up in the air, the Southern Charm cast has to really step up their social media game for the fans, because we need to know what happens between Kathryn and T-Rav, dammit!

Here are the most need-to-know updates on your favorite Southern Charm stars, but you should probably just follow them, too.

The Important Kathryn & Thomas Update

DON'T PASS OUT, BUT... It appears that Kathryn and Thomas are still together. Or together at times. Either way, this does not look like the couple we saw splitting up at the end of Season 2. I know, it's shocking. It's shocking, upsetting, bewildering, kind of amazing, frustrating, and addicting.

Shep & Craig Are Spending Time Together

I love Shep and Craig's brotherly relationship, but there were a few points this season that I worried would be tough to come back from. It appears these two are all good, and Shep has kept his list of Craig's wrong-doings hidden away. For now.

Cameran Is Still Checking Up On Craig & Shep

As Cameran does.

Cameran Is Also Hanging With K. Cooper Ray

Just my two favorite Charlestonians in party pants. What more could you want in life?

Whitney Is Back In Los Angeles

Whitney is back in his home away from Charleston and back to his Hollywood life.

Patricia Is Being Fabulous, Of Course

With André Leon Talley, the King of Fashion, no less.

Landon Has Been Hosting Events

Following the success of her pop-up shop, Landon appears to be doing more work to bring attention to struggling designers, artists, etc.

Thank the Bravo Gods for social media, otherwise I don't know what we would do without the Southern Charm cast in our lives.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo