We Need A Petition For 'Southern Charm' Season 3

Monday nights are feeling kind of lonely now that Southern Charm Season 2 has ended. There's no Kathryn and Thomas drama to keep us up at night. Shep and Craig haven't bickered on our TV screens in weeks. Cameran hasn't made us say "YAS" in what feels like forever. Southern Charm Season 3 hasn't been announced yet, but that doesn't mean we can't try to convince Bravo to go through with another season. If we all join together, we might have the power to get another season out of Charleston.

The fact that Season 3 of Southern Charm is currently sitting in limbo — much like the future of T-Rav and Kathryn — is absolutely bonkers. It's painful to know that we may never really know how things play out with Craig's career, or how Patricia feels about certain social functions in Charleston. The mystery of what would become of Charleston's on-again, off-again couple Thomas and Kathryn remained up in the air on the reunion (did they spend the night with each other?!), and to think we might not see more drama unveil between the two seems like a complete travesty for our society.

So how can we — as fans — go about and convince Bravo to give Season 3 of Southern Charm a chance?

1. Threaten To Leave The Planet

It's a lofty promise, but it might just be a big enough threat to get Bravo's attention.

2. Kiss Up To The People In Charge

Andy might not be the guy who makes the final decision, but he definitely has some pull with Bravo programming.

3. Ask With Your Southern Manners

Also: please note the size of Patricia's martini glass.

4. Get The Cast In On It

To all the Southern Charm cast: "Show of hands on who is in for Season 3?"

5. Produce The Season Yourself

It makes Bravo's job a lot easier if you help them out with producing the season.

6. Start A Petition

Change.org currently doesn't have a petition started for a third season of the reality show, but that only means that it's waiting to be made. If enough people sign it, maybe Bravo will oblige us with a third season.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo