Now 'Outlander' Is Getting Its Own Coloring Book

by Emma Oulton

In a continuation of the most unexpectedly popular trend since the selfie stick, we’re getting an Outlander coloring book to add to our shelves. It doesn’t even have a front cover yet, so I have no idea what it’s going to look like, but I'm fairly confident about adding orange to my Crayola collection. I’ve already stocked up on red crayons for the upcoming Game of Thrones coloring book, and pastel blues and greens for Johanna Basford’s underwater coloring book, and now it’s time to order in those rusty tones — to color in Jamie Fraser’s sexy sexy ginger hair, of course.

This isn’t the first time Outlander has ventured outside the safe books-to-TV-shows route. Before the show even hit the silver screen, Diana Gabaldon wrote an Outlander graphic novel back in 2010, opening up the series to a whole new audience. So it’s only natural that this daring franchise is among the first to jump on the coloring books bandwagon.

Coloring books are the new Netflix deals: if your TV show doesn’t have one, nobody is going to watch it. Even Marvel are in on the game; an Age of Ultron coloring book is just one of their titles on its way. Is this getting a little out of hand?

Maybe. But it’s mainly incredible. Don’t pretend you haven’t been jealous of your kid cousins for years; now you can join in the fun and color in red-headed warriors like a champ, while still maintaining your hard-earned reputation as a pop culture buff and full-time grown up. It’s official: adult coloring books are in. Get sharpening those crayons; there’ll be more where this came from.