Get The Red Pens, 'GoT' Is Getting A Coloring Book

by Emma Oulton

I predict a serious shortage of red crayons this year, because a Game of Thrones coloring book is being released to help us all get in touch with our inner child. Our inner sadistic, bloodthirsty child. The book is hopefully due to arrive this fall, and will feature 45 original illustrations for us to scribble red gore all over.

Coloring books for adults are huge right now. Johanna Basford kickstarted the trend with her whimsical coloring books full of beautiful and intricate drawings, allowing us finally to stop secretly borrowing our little nephew’s crayons, and color in public with pride. We can color to relax; we can color to meditate; we can color flora and fauna and peacocks and cats. And now — we can color blood and guts and severed limbs.

Of course, it’s not all death and destruction. There are also lovely colorful dragons ready to rip people to shreds, and gorgeous medieval weddings where everyone is brutally murdered, and beautiful golden crowns to burn people to death with... OK, it’s mainly death and destruction. Not an obvious theme for a coloring book, as people have been pointing out all day on Twitter, mainly with jokes about red pens. The best part is that these scenes are supposed to be messy, so nobody can judge us for failing to color between the lines. Not that I struggle with that. (Awkward.)

I never would have guessed that Game of Thrones ’ next book would be a coloring book but, astonishingly, it appears that several people did. I wonder if Bantam Books got the idea from these sarcastic tweets.

We still have a long time to wait until George R. R. Martin's next installment,The Winds of Winter. Luckily for us, Bantam Books are releasing the GoT coloring book ahead of time, so we can use our red Crayolas to get all revved up while we wait.

Image: Game of Thrones/HBO