What People REALLY Think About During Sex, Because It's Definitely Not Always The Person They're Sleeping With

Our brains are our biggest sex organs. While our genitals are obviously pretty damn important too, our brains are where our desire lives, where our sexy thoughts are stored, where we dream up crazy stuff like new ways to get off. Our brains are also one of the only parts of our bodies that aren’t accessible when we’re getting down and dirty. As a result, our thoughts during sex may run wild. You can think about pretty much anything and the likelihood that your partner will find out what, exactly, is living in your fantasy land is minuscule.

Need to fantasize about being called degrading slurs in order to get off but know that it would be a total lady boner killer if your partner did it IRL? Do you, boo! Totally into centaur sex? Get it on with those sexy horse-men in your imagination while your biped partner gives it to you! Whatever you think about during sex, though, I’d like to ask that you refrain from “thinking of England.” If that’s what you’re resorting to, it’s time to have a serious talk with your partner about your sex life and the changes that need to be made, pronto.

My point, of course, is that we all think about different things during sex. While some of us are absolutely thinking about the person we’re with, others are letting our minds wander to all corners of the universe. A recent survey of 1,300 people conducted by Lovehoney, Britain’s biggest online sex toy brand, discovered that women fantasize about having sex with another person while they’re having sex with their partner more than men do.

I did a poll to find out what’s really going on in the minds of people when they’re doing it and the answers had me surprised, laughing, and sometimes a little shocked. Of the people who responded it definitely seems like men are mostly thinking about the person they’re with, while women are letting their minds wander. I’ve copied them verbatim for your reading pleasure. Check them out.

1. Brooklyn Bmovie Addict, 28

"Usually the person I am sleeping with...sometimes what I want to eat. God...am I George Costanza?"

2. Pablo, 41

"The person I'm with"

3. Kim, 35

"imaginary perfect women and men"

4. Elisabeth, 24

"Channing Tatum in Magic Mike!!! Specifically in Magic Mike - I don't even like him in other movies."

5. V, 23

"My boyfriend. As boring as that sounds, he's attractive to me and turns me on so I don't have to fantasize about anyone else. Though I did try to think of someone else once and it ruined my mood. Lol!"

6. Jade, 28

"Sam Winchester from Supernatural (yes, the character)"

7. Dany, 25

"My partner"

8. Dr. Vulva, 32

"us, my crush, his ex, random group sex fantasies, his crush"

9. Ines, 24


10. Danielle, 22

"my ex"

11. Martiza, 30

"Chris Evans!"

Images: Elia/Flickr; Giphy (11)