What 'Veronica Mars' Dog Backup Would Have Said To Her If He Could, You Know, Talk

Between dads, love interests, friends, and co-conspirators, Veronica Mars is an expert at navigating the men of Neptune. However, at the end of the day, there is no greater guy than Backup, the dog from Veronica Mars. Besides being loyal, sweet, reliable, and obviously adorable, he's basically the best character on the show. Or at least, the best character who never talks — though I'm sure he has a lot to say.

I don't think anyone could ask for a better dog than Backup. With Veronica's mom out of the picture and Keith often strapped for work at his agency, the Mars household can get a little lonely. Veronica is independent and that's awesome, but I'm so glad Backup can be there for her to provide love, as well as some bite when necessary.

Besides, I can't be the only one who wonders what's going on in his doggy head. Veronica and Keith tend to drag him along on various missions over the course of Veronica Mars, so you know he's seen a lot. That leads me to believe Backup would have some words for the Mars, if only he could speak — in the literal sense.

"Where did my spots go?"

If you're a keen watcher of Veronica Mars (or of dogs) you know that Backup was "recast" from a spotted bulldog in the pilot to the pit bull we all know and love.

"What about Bogart? Grey? Rick? Wilder? Falcon? Anything."

As much as I like the joke, I can't imagine that a living creature would like being called "Backup."

"Who is he? Who is that? Why are you betraying me?"

How rude. If anyone deserves more cuddle time, it's Backup — not this stranger pup!

"You gotta fill me in on the plan."

Besides being used as literal backup/muscle, Veronica also uses her dog in more creative ways. He was bait in a dog-specific crime she was investigating. He also posed as a D.E.A. hound. How is Backup supposed to know how to act? Nobody tells him to sniff for anything! I'm sure he would really appreciate some briefing.

"You're welcome"

Not only is Backup a trusty sidekick, he's a hero who saved everyone from Aaron Echolls.

"#TeamLogan #LoVe #OTP"

He knew. He knew. Once, Veronica, when she suspected Logan of being a murderer (typical Logan), threatened to sic Backup on him if he wasn't careful. The pup, however, remained friendly towards Logan. He's a good judge of character, that Backup.

Now, puppy-sleuth web series, anyone?

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