Can You Guess Which Retail Store Gen Y Loves?

When you’re a college student in need of clothes, food, and toiletries, where else would you rather go than Walmart? Statistics have found that millennials love to shop at Walmart more than any other retail store. The statistics were drawn from a poll created by InfoScout and was taken across six different age demographics and a few different retail stores. The results? Walmart was the top pick for millennials, with Kroger following not-so-far behind. The poll consisted of the following six retail stores: Target, Kroger, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Walmart, and interestingly enough, Trader Joe’s and Target were tied in third, according to Gen Y's preference.

It makes sense that this generation would choose Walmart because not only is it affordably priced, but it has everything — making it a great one-stop shop. The last thing any millennial wants to do is waste their time visiting more than one store to pick up the essentials. That's precious time that could be used studying...or partying!

Walmart’s Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Quinn told Ad Age that another reason why millennials are choosing Walmart over places like Target and Costco may be because, “their Baby Boomer parents dragged them to Walmart so much it feels a bit like home.”

As a fellow millennial, I have to say that I prefer Target over Walmart, but I can see why they landed at the top: who could resist their prices?! For further proof that millennials are loving Walmart, check out the hashtag #wearwalmart on Instagram.

Image: @dejajanea_/Instagram; Getty