21 Tweets About Brian Williams Staying At NBC Highlight Some Fascinating Ideas About Job Possibilities

On Tuesday, CNN Money reported that NBC had reached a tentative agreement with suspended anchor Brian Williams. The deal will apparently allow Williams to stay at the network, but he'll likely lose his post at the helm of Nightly News. Not surprisingly, the news about Williams and NBC sparked a lively response on Twitter, with reactions ranging from mildly supportive to downright skeptical.

The decision to keep Williams reportedly came from NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke and NBC News chair Andy Lack, according to CNN Money. NBC suspended Williams for six months back in February, after allegations that he had exaggerated several stories during the course of his reporting. In August, when his suspension ends, he could take on any number of roles. NBC News, the branch of NBCUniversal for which Williams has worked, is owned by NBC's parent company, Comcast. Sources inside NBC have told CNN Money that inside speculation has favored the idea of Williams moving to MSNBC, the company's cable news channel.

CNN Money's sources have also said that a formal explanation from NBC could come as soon as Thursday morning. Until then, the speculation and commentary is sure to continue on Twitter, where users have expressed their thoughts about the decision and the potential roles that Williams could fill next.