Channing Tatum's AMA is Hilarious

I'm sure we can all agree at this point: It's hard not to love Channing Tatum — even more so after he took to Reddit to promote Magic Mike XXL and talk about his fundraising initiative. ICYMI, "Chan" — as he introduced himself in the thread — is hosting a raffle with Omaze (enter here) that offers a chance to join him for the Magic Mike XXL premiere, including the red carpet at the after-party. According to Tatum in the Reddit thread, every entry goes to benefit the Runa Foundation, which supports Amazonian farming communities. "I've had an amazing experience working with them and learning about the incredible work they're doing to help local people and conserve the rainforest," he wrote. What a sweetie!

He added, "I can promise you that these premieres can be super-lame, but the Magic Mike premiere will be the most fun you will have at one of these things. It's pretty much all of the cast how we hung out on the movie, and we're all really good friends, and there will be a ginormous stripshow after the premiere. If you're into that."

If you're into that.

The Chan Man got candid in his AMA, giving playful and fun answers. He seems like a genuinely cool guy to hang out with, making me even more jealous of his wife and Step Up dance partner Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Chan talked about his Care Bear birthday present, his buddy Chris Pratt, his nickname for his penis, and his plan for what he'd bring on a desert island. Let this be proof: There's more to the man than the abs, and it is amazing.

He Wants to "Spin" Danny DeVito

Now there's a beautiful mental image.

He Wants to F***k Danny DeVito

To quote Mean Girls, "Oh my god, Danny DeVito! I love your work!"

There's No Full Frontal in Magic Mike XXL, But It Gets Close


He's Buddies With Chris Pratt

They must have literally the most fun friendship ever.

He Loves Pinterest (!!!)

Who's up for finding his profile?

He Didn't Understand Jupiter Ascending Either

"Stars: They're Just Like Us!"

He Has A Delightful Vision For A Desert Island

What about Everly, though?

He Loves A Complicated Sandwich

Sounds delicious.

He Once Went To The Chili's In The Seattle Airport

What a guy.

His Favorite Disney Character Is... Unique

The broom? Not even the feather duster from Beauty and the Beast?

Sometimes His Jokes Don't Work

It happens to the best of us.

He Loves Joffrey

Nobody spoil Season 5 for him, please.

He Got A Care Bear For His 35th Birthday

So cute.

He'd Seek Refuge with Sandra Bullock

I would love to hide out with them.

He Gets Lost In Matt Bomer's Eyes, Too


His Penis Has a Nickname

Show of hands: Who else wants to meet Gilbert?

Check out the full AMA here.

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