Miley Might Be Ditching Her Wild Child Act

Everyone, keep an eye out for the sky falling right on top of us, because there is evidence to suggest that Miley Cyrus's days of stripping and licking things and twerking might be drawing to a close. Or shall I say, "clothes." Because she's been upping the class-factor and lengthening her hemline with almost consistency, and it might be a sign that the times of short shorts and that tongue are going to disappear just like the days of Hannah Montana came and went. After all, she rocked a chic Wednesday Addams inspired get-up (as shown in the picture above) and then covered up again on the UK X-Factor, showing nary a leg or some cleavage or bootay. If I'm repeating myself it's because I am filled to bursting with incredulity.

But then again, we have been suspecting this whole image revamp is a brilliant PR move for a long time now, so it would make sense if Miley decided she'd been naughty enough to fully and brutally murder Hannah Montana, and now, it's time to get back to normal. In writing for theatre, one is meant to "kill your darlings," or kill off the bits of the writing people/you like the most, so if this has all been an act, then, as Shakespeare says, all the world's a stage and Miley is a consummate actress.

Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The dresses Miley's been wearing recently suggest a return to the stylish but perhaps more refined style that she worked before the Bangerz era, and it casts Miley in a whole new light. Perhaps she won't entirely lose the teeny tiny shorts or the songs about drugs, but if she ditches her barely-there style as soon as it fulfills its function, she's not just a young woman tryin' to get by, she's a savvy business woman whose dedication to her craft far surpasses what we thought possible of her. So hats off to Miley Cyrus, because if this shift in style is anything to go by, she really fooled us all.