'Toy Story' Honest Trailer Reminds Us The Film Is Pretty Dark, So Here Are 7 Disney-Pixar Moments To Give You Hope — VIDEO

Every child raised on Disney movies reaches an age where we learn that maybe everything wasn't as sunny and perfect as we thought. While we all misheard Disney song lyrics in our day, it's becoming more and more apparent that the films themselves were a lot more serious than we thought. Honest Trailers' take on Toy Story made me realize that Disney-Pixar's blockbuster hit was actually kind of sad. The trailer points out some things we already knew: Andy has an absent father (who actually left the picture rather recently, as his sister is still a baby), Sid is one seriously misunderstood kid, Woody is experiencing "the existential dread that you will one day outlive your purpose and be replaced by someone newer and better."

However, it also hinted at some overlooked observations, like the fact that Sid's dad might not pay attention to him, the Binoculars don't have a mouth (but still talk), and Buzz Lightyear shoots firsts and asks questions later. Oh, boy.

It's enough to make any former Disney kid feel a little down, but that's where I come in. Let us not forget that Toy Story launched a franchise of incredible films from the Disney-Pixar partnership, which subsequently gave us a lot of happier moments. Here are seven beacons of light that will give you hope now that you know just how dark Toy Story is.

1. When the Aliens Zero in on Buzz Lightyear

All together now: "Oooooooh."

2. When Balloons Burst Out of the House in Up

Tell me this didn't make your heart race just a little.

3. When Heimlich Turned Into a Butterfly

His relentless optimism throughout A Bug's Life is inspiring.

4. When Boo Hugs Sully in Monsters, Inc

The feels, guys. All of the feels.

5. When Mrs. Incredible Makes a Feminist Statement

Haters to the left. Elastigirl is not here to be oppressed.

6. When Dug Does What Dogs Do Best

Unconditional love brings the warm and fuzzies every time.

7. When Mrs. Potato Head Adopts the Aliens


So even though there are sad moments to be found in just about every Disney movie, those same films give us so much to smile about. Check out the Toy Story honest trailer below.

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