You've Been Hearing These Disney Lyrics All Wrong

by Jamie Kenney

Hey fellow old people, do you remember audio cassettes? (For the youths, that's what we listened to before CDs. For the really young youths, a CD is what we listened to before downloads.) Well, the first cassette I ever bought with my own money was the Aladdin soundtrack. I listened to it constantly, but when I first started out, there were some lyrics I couldn't quite understand, so I would bust out the liner notes. If I didn't have those, I probably would have been saying some weird stuff, as evidenced by this video of misheard Disney lyrics.

It's funny how, even when you know the proper lyrics, when you see an alternative spelled out while you're listening, you can totally hear that, too. (My personal favorite from the video is "Sammiches.") I was surprised, though, that I didn't see any of the misheard lyrics from my own childhood. For example, from "Under the Sea":

Nobody beat us/ Fry us and eat us/ In fricassee

To my young ear, that was:

Nobody beat us/ Try us to eat us/ In trickasy

What's "trickasy", you ask? I figured it was just another word for "trickery," so it made sense to me: humans trick fish with bait and stuff and then eat them! (Go on and laugh, haters, but how many of you knew the word "trickery" when you were 6? I think that's pretty impressive! Also, what child knows what fricassee means!?) But the best misheard Disney lyrics definitely go to my sister, Grace, who was obsessed with Pocahontas. She would wander around our house belting out "Colors of the Wind." When she got to this line:

Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon

it came out like this:

Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue porn moon

There is little funnier in this world than listening to a 4-year-old unwittingly sing about pornography.

Check out the video below and see if any of your own misheard lyrics are represented.