7 Of The Sexiest Moments In The New Fifty Shades Of Grey, Because Yes, This Book Still Can Do The Trick

It's likely that most people aren't digging into the the new Fifty Shades of Grey book Grey by E.L. James in hopes of finding philosophical insights, nor because they just really love reading descriptions of Seattle's skyline at night. No no, fans of the Fifty Shades series want those very sexy moments the books offer up. Given the success of the book series, the high demand for the latest installment and the movie deals, it's safe to say that a lot of people find the BDSM hanky panky to be hot and steamy.

Although the power dynamic and sexual relations between Ana Steele and Christian Grey are widely considered to be quite problematic, there's still plenty to get our hearts pounding and our foreheads perspiring, and maybe even sometimes feel a little bit of an "aaww" factor (again, bearing in mind that Mr. Grey has a lot to learn about respecting women and their boundaries). Previously considered taboo, some have said that Fifty Shades has brought more attention and popularity to BDSM, indicating that more people are now open to this lifestyle.

So, let's allow ourselves to consider the sex-factor of James' fantasy world of virginal kinksters and gorgeous billionaires. Here are seven moments in Grey that totally did it for me because, as Christian and Ana would say, "we aim to please."

1. All The Consent

OK, No. 1 hottest thing: consent is super-sexy. In fact, it's the sexiest thing in the world because without, you should absolutely not be engaging in any kind of sex at all. In the beginning of Grey, Christian is very concerned about ensuring that Ana really wants to sleep with him and explore a dom/sub relationship. Consent is explicitly mentioned at least 21 times throughout Grey. While Christian Grey has been criticized for not executing consent as he should, this is a great reminder that we always, always need enthusiastic consent from our partners.

2. The (Ahem) Crop

Now we can jump to the dirty business. After all, the book centers around BDSM themes, and Christian is an experienced pro in this arena. After Ana confesses to dreaming about a brown leather riding crop (insert wide-eye emoji face!), Christian quickly orders one for the two of them to "make her dream come true." Sex toys: check! Surprising your partner with a sex toy they're curious about: double check!

3. The Elevator Scene

Yes, that one. Though really it's all of the elevator scenes. As soon as the two of them have even an iota of privacy they just want to go at it. After the super-steamy smooching that happens early on in an elevator, neither of them can keep from getting all hot and bothered anytime they step into one for the remainder of the book.

4. Sexting Ana Style

Christian and Ana are quite the little sexters! Well, technically most of their electronic exchanges happen over e-mail, but the spirit of sexting is definitely there. Their subtle come-ons and the way they give each other some sass is very attractive. When Ana leaves to visit her mother in Georgia, she messages Christian that she wishes he were there to unzip her dress, then promptly exits the conversation. Excellent teasing skills, Ms. Steele!

5. So Much Lip Biting

Christian is rather taken with Ana's lips, and his attention is constantly drawn to them, especially when she bites her bottom lip out of nervous habit. After a meal, Grey tells Ana, "I'd like to bite that lip." She looks at him all confident and coy and asks, "Why don't you?" Again with the Steele method of teasing! Well played, Ana.

6. Underwear Stealing

After an evening together, Christian drives Ana home and as she walks up to her apartment, she turns around to face Christian and proudly confesses "I'm wearing your underwear." This drives Christian nuts, of course, because it's so hot! Briefs on women, FTW!

7. Giggly Sex

Personally, I do not at all mind if sex is something other than serious. Apparently Mr. Grey and Ms. Steele agree, because they have a bit of a lighthearted romp themselves! The first time they get intimate at Ana's apartment, Christian describes "Her face transforms, bright and delight, and before I can react she pushes me. I laugh as I fall into bed, mainly at her bravado, but also because she touched me and I didn't panic." As it should be. It's sexy and amazing when a couple can laugh and be playful as they become more comfortable with each other in and out of the bedroom.

So much of what's sexy is all in the little details and subtleties. Ana and Christian like to think of everything when it comes to getting into bed (or you know, the sex dungeon), and it was a nice touch for James to add more of these flirtatious and more subdued elements out in Christian's perspective.

So, yes, sure there are plenty of eye-roll-inducing moments in this book. But if you're coming to the text with one objective... well... let's just say you're going to get what you're paying for.

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