The 'Game Of Thrones' Cast In Real Life Proves The Men Of Westeros Are Just As Attractive Off-Screen

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Aside from being an amazing show that breaks my heart and gives me a panic attack after every season finale, Game of Thrones also offers audiences something truly beautiful: An incredibly talented and crazy good looking cast. I'm here to tell you, the male cast members from Game of Thrones are even hotter in real life. Some are obviously attractive both on and off set. (Robb Stark, anyone?) But, some people might surprise you with how different they look in real life as opposed to their onscreen counterparts. For example, the Hound is not nearly as intimidating. And, what's better, the cast of the show seem to be lovely, hilarious, and fun-loving human beings in real life. And, isn't it nice to see them not dead, bloodied, or terrifying all the time?

So, because Game of Thrones' recent Season 5 finale left many of us basically cradled in a fetal position from all the shocking moments, we could seriously all do with some cheering up. So, please enjoy this real life look at the amazing men still alive on Game of Thrones (or those who could at least be resurrected).

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