What Does ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast Look Like In Real Life? The Series’ Women Are Even More Badass Outside Westeros

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Do you ever wonder what the women of Game of Thrones look like in real life? You know, in modern clothes, rather than the gorgeous medieval-inspired gowns/badass armor, and with boho, beachy waves, as opposed to ultra-elaborate braided wigs? A select few actors match their onscreen counterparts quite well, while most of the others (ahem, BRIENNE OF TARTH) have a totally different attitude on the red carpet than they have when they're just trying to get by in the Seven Kingdoms. When you see them, you'll make quite a few double takes (perhaps even a spit take or two) — it's almost as jarring as seeing your favorite Westerosi men without their beards.

So, ready to see what Daenerys Targaryen and co look like IRL? Read on to find out. (Spoiler alert: They all look a LOT happier in real life).

Image: Macall B. Polay/HBO

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