6 Reasons You Need A Sarcastic Friend In Your Life

You don't need a sarcastic friend. Your life should be humorless and dull and you should take everything very, very seriously. See what I did there? I employed sarcasm to make a point! The point is, in case you're not overly familiar with sarcasm, is that having a sarcastic friend will make you life much, much better. While sarcasm doesn't define my humor (I'm more of a poop jokes kinda gal), I definitely am one of the more sarcastic friends in my group, so much so that sometimes it causes a problem when people who aren't very sarcastic don't get that I'm being sarcastic. Like my mom. My mom does not get sarcasm, at all. Enter me, sarcasmsplaining.

Being sarcastic has its positives and negatives, but mostly positives, because sarcastic people are generally pretty funny. Think about all the sarcasm going on in Friends. Haven't you always wanted to be like the friends on Friends? HAVEN'T YOU?! Even if you haven't there are still some compelling reasons for keeping your sarcastic friends around, even if they do drive you insane from time to time. Here are six good reasons why having a sarcastic friend is essential to having a good life.

1. It will help you get jokes

If you're not one with a very dynamic sense of humor, a sarcastic friend will show you the world. Being able to laugh at sarcasm will give you a broader sense of humor, and let's be honest, funniness is an important trait in a friend.

2. You need a snippy friend to have your back

When you're at the bar and some creepy dude is skeezing on you, sometimes a sarcastic aside is what you need from your sidekick to turn him off. A sarcastic friend is the perfect person to have your back when what you need is some quick, snappy, sassy one liners to shut someone down.

3. Because you shouldn't take things so seriously

There are times when you should take your life seriously, and times when you shouldn't. I generally believe that every single situation, no matter how bad it is, can be made a little lighter with some jokes. Realizing that it's never the end of the world becomes easier when you have someone lighthearted around to bring you back to earth.

4. And a cynical world view can sometimes be useful

From time to time, you need a perspective on the world that's a little bit cynical. Sometimes things are designed the way they are for a reason that's of human making, not because of some divine purpose. You need your sarcastic friend to point that out for you! Being idealistic is wonderful, and your sarcastic friend needs your romantic attitude as much as you need their more realistic one.

5. Because sometimes you're being ridiculous

Sometimes your problems are stupid. Sometimes you're stupid. But that's okay! Everyone has stupid problems and acts stupidly some times. Your sarcastic friend is the one who makes you see the forest for the trees, and will be coming over and cracking wise to pull you out of a slump when you've locked yourself away for a week crying and pining over someone you dated for a month who didn't work out. Your sarcastic friend is the one who puts things into perspective.

6. But mostly for the LOLs, of course

A good reason to have a friend in your life is for laughter. Support, yes, but so much of support and connection comes from humor. Embrace your sarcastic friend/s and see your life become better for the LOLs!

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