Who Is Jace Agolli On 'Big Brother 17'? This Houseguest Could Surf His Way Into The Finale

The California surfer quota has been filled for Big Brother 17 with houseguest Jace Agolli. Think the Hayden of Season 17. I'm already putting some money down on Jace getting involved in a showmance during the summer. Jace will be competing for the $500,000 this season along with 13 other houseguests.Can we think for a moment on how the winner of Big Brother get's half a million dollars for sitting in a bubble for the summer? Sure, there's some game play involved but it's like a summer vacation! What I'm getting at is: SIGN ME UP.

I digress. So Jace is one of 13 who hopes to be the last one standing with Julie Chen on finale night. From his CBS bio, I feel like he has the right mentality to actually land in a final two spot, but as we're always told, expect the unexpected. According to Jace, he models his life after Indiana Jones, which might seem extreme, but not when it comes to Big Brother. Playing this game is basically a huge boulder rolling down a ramp at you, about to squash you into a flat pancake, right? (I've clearly never seen Indiana Jones, I'm just going off the Full House episode when DJ imagines Steve as Indiana Jones at Disney).

So what do you need to know before Big Brother viewers join Jace inside the house?

He's A Personal Trainer

According to Jace's LinkedIn, he is a trainer in Santa Monica, Calif. Straight from his job description, he "assists clients in becoming the healthiest, happiest, and Fit people they can possibly be."

He's A Sk8er Boi

One thing Jace won't be able to do in the house is shred. Is that a thing? Rocket Power.

He Is Philosophical

To refer to Jace's LinkedIn again, where most people have their current employer, Jace has the following: "Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more." The quote is a Nikola Tesla quote, but I think you get what this guy is about.

He Loves To Retweet Sunsets

Out of his eight tweets, four of them are retweeted sunsets. So expect him to be out in the BB backyard looking at that fine California sunset from the CBS studio lot.

He's Afraid Of...

When asked by CBS what he is afraid of (most people put spiders, the dark, heights), Jace responded: "I'm afraid of fear."

I think you see what I'm getting at with Jace, don't you?

Images: CBS; Giphy